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WOW! That is an awesome poem. It's very deep and truthful. Keep up the wonderful work. You have much talent.
WOW! Very good poem! That last line really serves a strong punch. Curiosity, discomfort, surprise and 3 cheers! This poem took me through a range of emotions. I LOVE IT! PLEASE keep up the good work!
This is an amazing poem! I honestly cried reading this.
So sad, but beautifully written. Thank you for writing this poem.
I love this poems. It keeps you wondering whats gonna happen next and its story is so dramatic!
This poem is in truth what a black woman goes through. We face a whole lot of pre-judged racisim every morning we wake up. So it is time we let the world know that we are not what we have been judged to be. We are human just like the rest.
This poem felt like it came from the heart, and poems like that are the ones that truly touch a person's heart. I really liked the poem and wish her best of luck.

Poems on Society (51-70)

  • by Renee Towns
    Even once would be too often, but the Truth of this short poem happens far too frequently in our society.
  • by Philip Zemler
    Drinking and driving causes too many deaths in our society. But what would it be like to see that useless loss through the eyes of one who has experienced it?
  • by Andrea Hill
    The world isn't always what we would like it to be, but that doesn't mean we can't imagine. For, seeing a Truth is the first step towards achieving it…
  • by Heather Lank
    This poem is, very simply, a plea. It's one that thousands of friends make every day, often in frustration, always in pain, sometimes in vain.
  • by Evalyn Rose
    Maybe it's human nature, a part of our genetic heritage, to be frightened by the dark. But it's equally true that such fears are reinforced by a society where few can feel safe…
  • by Peter Hughes
    Big cities have a character, a personality, just like people do. And there are certain times of the day when those characters become more evident than at others…
  • by William Bough
    Listen to the rhythm of this poem, as you read the sometimes bitter words, and learn how a talented poet can bring Life even to subjects like drugs and death.
  • by Katy Christina
    This poem is about hatred. But, much more than that, it's about Love…
  • by Wendy LaTulippe
    What is it like to be a woman in today's society?
  • by Edilberto González-Trejos
    To one born in the country, the City can be a different world.
  • by LaTiefa Alston
    Metaphors can sometimes make the job of explaining the impossible possible. What's it like to be robbed?
  • by S. Selina Jamil
    The author suggested we needed a category on Multicultural issues. Maybe. But the author might be surprised to discover this is a very common feeling for those who live - and travel - within their own country.

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Poems on Society continued

  • by Jeremy Redinger
    If drugs are a part of life, they are also very much a part of death. Usually, as in this story, too much a part of death.
  • by Edward Racey
    When a society has problems, it's a poet's duty to warn us of them. Whether you agree with the author, or not, you'll certainly find some insghtful - and very clever - thoughts herein.
  • by Edward Racey
    The hard truth of a world that only sees in BLACK and WHITE.
  • by Angel Towe
    This poem is about abortion. You may agree or disagree with the author's sentiments, but you'll certainly appreciate his sincerity. And, I think, his eloquence.
  • by Poet deVine
    This poem is about life in the fast lane.
  • by Ron Carnell
    Sometimes war is so horrific the only way we can talk about it is in terms of horror.
  • by Ron Carnell
    The title describes an old poem, about an old experience, that - to this day - still effects much of the way I live my life.
  • by Ron Carnell
    Is Death a suitable topic for a forum about Life? Or is this poem really just an unintentional metaphor for the way men and Mankind matures?
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