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My dedication describes this poem - Love should not hurt. There is hope. Excuses are just that, excuses and they are empty. There is no reason for anyone to raise their hand in anger against anyone. This is unacceptable.

Dedicated to women that are stuck in an abusive relationship. True love
should not hurt. Abuse is a disease and the abuser needs help. Have the
courage to help them while helping yourself. There is HOPE.

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I really like this poem because of the flow! I think the author showed a lot of good feeling and that's is what I love about writing poems!
Because I am going through the same thing and I have vowed that I will never stay in an abusive relationship. I love him and he is okay when sober but when he gets drunk he becomes a monster. I love him but he hurts me.
Your poem was awesome. It could picture a woman speaking out in this piece who sees the two faces of love. You used nice quotes too. It made me realize how unfortunate other have it and am glad to have only have seen one side.

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The Two Faces Of Love

Love has two faces
This I surely know
Which one I see today
I don't rightly know.

At times it is so beautiful,
Makes me feel complete.
Other times it can be vicious,
I often times get beat

Wouldn't it be wonderful
If love would never go
To that dark and dangerous place,
A place I do dread so.

Settle for the happy times,
They are far and few.
I must wake up and leave this man
While alive, and still in view.

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i know how it feels to have someone like that the poem makes me see that people don't have to put up with that.
This poem is great iit has a rhythm and it flows. It also goes with the topic. It's a great poem.
i really enjoy this poem because it describes what i fell right now at this time
I found this poem to be very emotional for me. I await the day that I find simular strength and courage.
I really enjoyed this poem. I just got out of an abusive relationship. He is currently in jail. I can really relate to this.
this poem struck to close to reality for me. I was once in a relationship like that. Now that i look back im lucky to be alive. This is a very touching poem. Great work.
I have been reading poems from this site for about two days when i acedently stumbled on to it. I thought that i should say it is a real great poem.
This poem was really good and I hope you were able to get out of that situation cause I know someone who is there now and I know exactly what you are going through. I wish you the best of luck. Just hang in there and be sure to get some help!
That is too close to reality! I knew exactly that feeling. But life is much better, now that HE left ME?
I would like to say that is a very good poem hits the heart if you know what i mean keep up the good work and God Bless!

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