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Some are fortunate enough to never experience this. Most cannot fathom the pain and fear.

This poem is about child abuse.

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oh my gwad this is so sad =[ its a really good poem, i really got strong feelings from this. keep it up
this poem is so sad but very good Ithought it was very touchiing in side and this stuff does actually happens.
this was a really sad poem but its a eye opener its a good one.
crying really great but sad poem nice job tho. ending made me hurt more

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But Only Three

My name is Misti-
I'm but only three.
My eyes are swollen shut,
I cannot see.

I will always remember,
the lessons I have learned,
Now I have bruises, and
from all the cigarette burns-
My name is Misti, and
I'm but only three.
I hear a car...
It's my dad-
drunk again-
coming home from Charlie's Bar.
My name is Misti, and
I'm but only three.

I hear the door-
my name is called,
I pray to God for the pain to stop,
As I squeeze myself,
up against the wall.
My name is Misti, and
I'm but only three.

Tonight God answered my prayer.
He made the pain go away.
My name is Misti, and
I'm But only Three-

Tonight my father murdered me!

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This poem really touched me, because it's really sad that people out there are actually sick enough to do that to anybody let alone a defenseless three year old. A classmate of mine did this poem for a poetry presentation assignment about the elements of poetry and we were asked to pick a poem from the internet or a book, she got a standing ovation from the teacher, needless to say she got and A. The poem touched everyone in the class because after the presentation everyone had a tear in their eyes. So on behalf of my class i would like to thank the poet for making such a beautiful and meaningful poem.
this touched me
I understand and it's funny how children adapt no matter what happens to them. I was abused as a child, this poem brought me to tears, more so her exceptance of what was going to happen!
This is a very sad poem i had a 3 1/2 month old baby die back in Febuary. i cried my heart out i found out on my way goin to work. thank you ashley
How do I say this. I was reading this to my sister and I read through already sad by the third line"swollen eyes shut", but when she said My name is Misti I'm but only three Tonight my father murdered me! I was brought to tears and my sister gasped. I know these things happen, but when you put words to it, it's like a slap in the face. I loved the way you didn't sugar coat anything. I love how intense it was. It was like I was talking to this little girl and her dad came home and she had me hide and then I watched him beat her to death. really good poem.
that was so sad yet such a good poem.
I really liked this poem and fell so bad about the lil gurl the father has problems! i really enjoyed the poem thanxs!
This poem has really touched me and made me cry. I hope this is not true my heart goes out to all of those children who suffer from child abuse
wow this poem is intense it made me cry a little
All I can say about this poem is ::tear tear::
:'( reminds me of well. never mind
I went searching for a sad poem to post along with something I wrote about a 3 year old who was murdered here in Las Vegas,Nevada by her mother. No one knew who she was for close to a month. They killed her then threw her body in a dumpster as if she were a piece of trash! It was her grandmother who lived in California who reported her missing, she hadn't heard from her daughter. I am very angry about people who abuse a child. I hope the mother rots in hell! This poem caught my eye, it's perfect and sad for how far some people go .
I have never felt like this before in my life. I really liked this poem,but i got angry at this so called father in the poem. If he was a good father he wouldn't kill his three year old child. I cried when i read this. It shocked me so,i actually read it once more. Please if you read this write another that one was touching. Love it lots. THANX.
this was a very touching poem and i will never forget it it touched me alot.
i really liked it. its something thats really going on today in the real world. it makes me angry to know we got them kind of people that wants to hurt and abuse little children. keep up the good work and one day someone will wake up and stop this. there needs to be more poems or more people who care that would put a stop this abuse. the one who loves this poem,margie.
thank you soo much for your peom. i called like all my friends and read you poem to them. they're all crying. all i can say is thank you.
I've just read this poem and it made me cry, it's horrible to think that this can/does happen in our world. Good poem, well done.
I want you to know I felt moved by this poem. I had a nephew who went through so much abuse with burns and beatings. This poem really made me cry. The first time I read it I had to print it and send it to alot of my family, because I felt this is what my two year old nephew really felt. Thank you for writeing this poem. It is sad, but it is true to far to many children.
Kriselda Mae
That poem really touched me!
this touched my heart and touched my soul. I was her as i read it, i waited for the sound of the door and i pushed my body in to the wall hoping it would be absorbed in to it. That night God saved her in the only way left she new how. She would have let him take her, and i only hope it was quickly. i was a bit older and i was just lucky that it was my turn to be saved.
This poem really touched me, so did it touch the people i let read it
it wasnt just a poem,,,this is real life and what happens on the outside,,,that poem touched me dearly,,,it just gives you a terrifying feeling on the inside! BEST POEM THAT IVE EVER READ! thanx
this poem is very touching and unfortunally i no the pain of being abused. the ending gave me chills lol
jus wanted to say while reading this disturbing but toching poem i had goosebumps all over my body and it almost made me cry
I have a two year old and i can't even imagine the way he feel about anything. I just ask that the lord help me to help him have a wonderful life and not let him grow up worried about anything. I am so sad for the mother of this child.
I loved this poem my heart stopped i love this poem.
I didnt think that would happen but really made me think. how why this brought tears to my eyes.
its such a sad poem tht i cant stop reading it makes me cry and i can not stop i understand this poem so much
ouch! the ending just sends you crashing. so sad. things like this happen and we'll never know just how much it hurts to be there. awesome poem. it really gets the point accross.
I love this poem because it so touching i remeber me and a group of friends frist read and last yr. We where doing aproject and we looked at this one after reading this 1 we were about 2 cry.
Omg this poem made me cry i wanted 2 help that lil girl evnthough it was just a poem. It made me just soo fusterated with the world how can sum1 be soo mean 2 a lil kid?
This poem really touched me I'm sorry that, it had to end up that now god all mighty has him under his wing.
My insides are slightly tingling, but also slightly sharply poking me harshly with a needle. I've seen this poem on e-mails that were sent to me and I wanted to know who wrote it, I finally know who did. I heard this is true but I'm not sure, this poem touched me so much, it is as if I were there watching this little girl Misti get murdered by her father and feeling her pain and fear. If this poem becomes a classic, I shall remember it forever and the feeling it gave me.
this poem is soo sad i'am crying right now even thow it didn't happen to me.
Hey, That was a great poem. I cried because it was good
Hi Oh my God, I near fainted for real when i read the last line. Let's pray for the innicent little lambs. The pain, oh so i feel u have touched the heart's of steel LINDA
This is so sad!It brought tears to my eyes. It so sad how a little girl have to lose her life to her own father. Now she is a better place far from harm and danger.
My gosh. I just got the chills. Wow. Thats all I can say. Wow
WOW! I'm still crying this is the third times I've read this poem and it always get to me. Even my friends cry. Keep up the good job.
It's really touched me.
that poem really touched me because i have a 3 year old son and when i read your poem it made me think of how much i love my son and would never want him to go through the emotions that the child had to endure.
this poem was good , but serously i got so mad we i read this poem my stomach hurted!
my heart dropped into my stomach when i finished reading this. although the abuse i suffered was of a different nature, i still feel i can relate, still feel the same thoughts as the girl in your poem did. i only wish mine could come true. well done, its a very special poem.
My god this is so very well written, I am a former child of abuse and this poem moved me very much. to whom ever wrote this god's speed to you and your family,and your endeavorers,Viveca. oopa forgot my vote AAAAAA+++++++
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