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Very deep and insightful. Nicely pulled together.
Wow, I just lost my breathe. I really can feel the pain of the author, when she wrote this.
I just first want to thank you for writting this poem. I have never read a poem like this that express the things I have felt for so long. Your poem has touched many and has also showed me that I am not alone in this situation. Again Thank you, and God bless you.
I really enjoyed reading this poem, I am sure it can relate to just about anyone at some point in their life, keep up the great work
The exact scenario happened to me - so I can feel this poem deep in my heart.
Very honest words. I found the love of my life and because of my own stupidity drove him away. I've been looking for the words that expressed exactly the way I feel and these have come the closest. Thank you.
This poem is like a real live story about me and my first true love and this is what I really feel like. I am very glad to have seen this poem and glad to know I'm not alone.

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