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Very deep and insightful. Nicely pulled together.
Wow, I just lost my breathe. I really can feel the pain of the author, when she wrote this.
I just first want to thank you for writting this poem. I have never read a poem like this that express the things I have felt for so long. Your poem has touched many and has also showed me that I am not alone in this situation. Again Thank you, and God bless you.
I really enjoyed reading this poem, I am sure it can relate to just about anyone at some point in their life, keep up the great work
The exact scenario happened to me - so I can feel this poem deep in my heart.
Very honest words. I found the love of my life and because of my own stupidity drove him away. I've been looking for the words that expressed exactly the way I feel and these have come the closest. Thank you.
This poem is like a real live story about me and my first true love and this is what I really feel like. I am very glad to have seen this poem and glad to know I'm not alone.

Sad Love Poems (176-200)

  • by Night Shadow
    When love is lost and dreams are shattered, pain and disbelief are all that remains.
  • by Irish
    There is a fine line between Love and Hate, and once crossed there can be no going back.
  • by Leslie Callejas
    Parting words aren't always easy, but sometimes it's important to let someone know what they've meant to you.
  • by Ryan Waege
    Using unusual imagery, this poem explores - and expresses - the emotions of a love lost and the feelings of sadness knowing it will not return.
  • by Randy Guilhas
    This haunting, well-crafted poem is about memories - and fantasies built upon those memories.
  • by Maria Gonzalez
    We all make mistakes. When those mistakes are about Love, the pain can be very deep. But when we make the same mistake over and over again, the pain can be even worse.
  • by Jessica
    Losing love is always painful and hard, and seemingly doesn't get any easier with more experience…
  • by Samantha Goff
    A scent is nothing more than a few stray molecules swept along with the air we breath. Right?
  • by Liza Marie
    Sometimes we give all that we can, all that we are, and find it still isn't enough.
  • by Shayla Campos
    This poem is about love, the loss of love, and about the pain and bitterness that ensue.
  • by Aaron Hill
    Using beautiful imagery of past and present, this poem talks of love lost and hope newly found.
  • by Jessica
    This poem is about the pain of love, and the constant reminders of both what was had - and what was lost.

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Sad Love Poems continued

  • by Aaron Hill
    Words are a potent weapon, and those spoken at the close of a relationship can often be the most painful of all.
  • by Katie Kompinski
    Looking back on lost love, especially a first love, brings painful memories.
  • by Hachem
    Falling in love is supposed to be wonderful. But you're not supposed to do it alone…
  • by Stacey Chrys
    Add one part imagery, one part syncopation, mix well, for a recipe of Truth and pain.
  • by kellygirl
    When friendship turns to intimacy and love, it can be a beautiful thing. But not when there's a third corner to the triangle…
  • by Sir Shotgun
    Love should be about the here and now, with hopes and dreams of the future. But sometimes all we have of love is the past. And memories…
  • by Karly Mains
    Sometimes we throw away something good, never realizing how important it was to us. Until it's too late.
  • by Aj
    This poem presents an unusual - but perhaps effective - look at an all too common occurrence - betrayal.
  • by Chriss
    Sometimes, the things we take from a failed relationship are lessons of how not to love…
  • by Ryan Waege
    The loss of love is always painful and sad. But special days, days reserved for Lovers, can make that pain almost unendurable.
  • by Paula Bennett
    The end isn't always just an end. Sometimes, usually, it's also a new beginning…
  • by Meghan Flood
    When you lose someone you love, especially to the heart of another, it's important to be able to forget. It's also quite impossible…
  • by Brandi Schneider
    Love isn't always equal, isn't always fair. Sometimes it's a trap, impossible to escape, and the only possible answer is resentment.
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