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Dear Marci, Thanks for sharing, your poem gave me goose-bumps and touched my heart.
This poem is so incredibly wonderful that I still can not get over it. "I'm too big to cry" is to great of a poem to pass by.
This poem is oh so true, and beautifully written. Funny how we cannot cry in front of the person that hurt us most.
This poem really touched me because that is how my relationship is and this is something I can relate to so much. Thanks for writting it
This has really touched me. It happened to me, He left for no reason. I just love it
This is a really great poem. So many people can relate to the feeling of it. I did something stupid and hurt my best friend/girlfriend. Now she is gone.
I loved this poem. It explains exactly what I'm going through with my ex boyfriend. :) Thanks for this lovely poem.

Sad Love Poems (251-263)

  • by Maria Byrne
    When love is gone, and heartbreak dimmed, we still have our memories.
  • by T.J.H.
    The ending of a broken love relationship.
  • by Edward Racey
    Have you ever hurt someone you loved? This Pain is all about coming to terms with losing someone for which you love.
  • by Michael Anderson
    What can you say when you can't be sorry enough...When you lose the most important person in your life and you know it's your fault....for shame.
  • by Sharon Bettis
    I hope you can forgive me?
  • by clara
    Finding the right person to love isn't always easy. Knowing when the person you love isn't the right person is even tougher.
  • by Ron Carnell
    Whether you call them Dreams or simply goals, I am utterly convinced they are the only things capable of propelling us forward in Life.
  • by Ron Carnell
    Writer's Rule #1: Metaphors that have devolved into tired cliches are useless for expressing real Truths. Writer's Rule #2: Don't be afraid to break the rules.
  • by Ron Carnell
    What do the graphic Arts and Love have in common? More, perhaps, than you think.
  • by Ron Carnell
    When everything else has failed, there's always begging.
  • by Ron Carnell
    What do you say when your wife tells you she wants to see other men? You know if you tell her no she'll do it any way. And if you tell her yes, it's the end of everything.
  • by Ron Carnell
    Psychologists claim there is a fine line between Love and Hate. When a man feels betrayed by the woman he loves, that line is all too easily crossed.

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Sad Love Poems continued

  • by Ron Carnell
    Some might think a writer and poet would never be at a loss for words. They would, of course, be wrong.
We just couldn't fit them all on one page. The Best is yet to come...

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