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A Few Visitor Comments

It was beautifly written with lots of heart and emotion. Great work!
I enjoyed reading this poem. It seemed like it came from the heart, also i could totally relate
A good and powerful poem. Confirms the belief, if love is so great, why does it hurt so bad.
I love this poem. It describes exactly how i feel.
I love this poem and I was trying to tell my ex this exact thing today but couldn't find the words and I'll be darn they are all in a poem! Excellent job! I can't wait to read more of where that came from.
I swear this poem was written especially for me and my past relationships. :)
I thought this poem was great. I just got out of a relationship in a bad way and I have all of those same questions and no one to answer me. So I felt like this poem really described what I was going through.

Sad Love Poems (51-100)

  • by Shawn Mette
    Escaping a relationship isn't always easy
  • by Nitemare Feeder
    Loss is bad. Unexpected, unforeseen loss is even worse.
  • by Crystal Holtz
    Maybe the worst pain of love are caused by the regrets.
  • by Felicia
    Strength comes, not from the outside in, but from the inside out.
  • by Diane Blue
    People don't always feel the same way about us, as we feel about them.
  • by Nicholas Alexander
    We can remain unaware of even the most beautiful setting if that's not the thing we seek.
  • by Christine Hogan
    When finding perfect love seems impossible - and happens anyway - we have to realize it might also be possible to lose it.
  • by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
    Sometimes love seems a lot like Russian roulette.
  • by Phoebe Moon
    Maybe it's true. Maybe you really can hear a heart when it breaks.
  • by Sarah
    Love doesn't always have a future.
  • by Shauna Keimig
    When someone turns their back, there's often no turning back.
  • by Judy Burnette
    Love doesn't always end with happily ever after.

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Sad Love Poems continued

  • by Marci Parker
    The first promises of how love will be can often be misleading.
  • by Kristin
    Lost love leaves many questions in its wake, but there's one almost all of us have asked.
  • by Katy Mikelle
    It hurts to lose the one you love. How much worse when they're also your best friend?
  • by Brian Lawson
    Love can be cast aside, but memories remain forever.
  • by Julia
    Loneliness and remorse are flames, often tiny, but sometimes sparked to renewed growth by the simplest of things.
  • by Jayzee
    Lost Love, like a devastating wound, needs time to heal.
  • by Sara
    Losing someone hurts. Losing someone and watching them be with another is often much worse.
  • by Tabetha Charest
    Sometimes we realize, too late, that the one we're with isn't really who we thought they were.
  • by Adz
    "Time heals all wounds." What a load of crap!
  • by Danny Fortunato
    In a relationship, there's seldom such a thing as "Water under the bridge." Everything that happens either builds on your love - or erodes it.
  • by Candy
    Desire is often a mask that clouds our minds.
  • by Iccoldhart
    How is it possible the one who made you once feel so good now brings you only pain?
  • by Bionic Woman
    This beautifully expressed poem speaks of losses most of us have known.
  • by Ivy7
    Understanding is an important part of loss. And, invariably, almost impossible to find.
  • by Vanessa Ginarte
    Promises of forever don't always last.
  • by Duke Nguyen
    Can two simple words make up for all those others we wished we hadn't said?
  • by Deborah
    When love becomes a mistake, where do we place the blame?
  • by Emily
    "I hope we can still be friends" is perhaps the saddest phrase in English.
  • by Jamie
    Love and loss are recurring themes in all lives. Somehow we find a way to go on.
  • by Kim Ann
    If only we could let go of the things in life that we can't control. How much simpler Life would be.
  • by Elizabeth
    Lending support to a friend is every bit as important as receiving it.
  • by J. J.
    Tears can reveal so much about us. Maybe that's why so many of us hide them behind a broken heart.
  • by Tara
    Which is worse? Experiencing pain? Or watching someone you love tear themselves apart?
  • by Judy Burnette
    Loving without restriction can be difficult. Loving within restrictions might just be impossible.
  • by Michelle Delia
    Memories, binding us to a past we long to forget, can be difficult to escape.
  • by Peter Schroeter
    Letting go of a love that was not mutually balanced is very difficult, indeed...
  • by Peter Schroeter
    It's very difficult to love someone who is already involved romantically. Sometimes it works out for us, and sometimes it doesn't...
  • by Amber Victoria
    It's often a task to go about daily life with simple lingerings of yesterday waiting to be found everywhere.
  • by Tara Simms
    When love doesn't live up to the cliches, maybe it's time to find out why.
  • by Tina
    It's not always easy to define our real problems.
  • by Kanani
    How do you say "good-bye" to the one you love?
  • by Brandy Clark
    When we truly love someone, those feelings don't disappear simply because we're no longer together.
  • by Shadow Of Light
    Lost love has a very devastating effect - Unfortunately, it's a feeling we all must experience at some point in our lives...
  • by Malissa Sue Cooper
    When the time comes to say goodbye, it helps if you can do it beautifully. And wisely.
  • by Cathye Haney
    When head and heart battle over your future, even the winner becomes the loser.
  • by Phatty
    The wrong person, the wrong time - and we lose our own identity in the role we choose to play.
  • by Travis
    It's going to last forever. Except it doesn't. But the memories do…
  • by Alesha Faulkner
    We all play roles, even when in love. The trouble with roles, though, is that they're usually predictable ones.
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