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I wrote this poem about a man that I feel very strongly about. He is very attractive, but, of course, you can't judge a book by it's cover.

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This poem made my cry it it exactly how I am feeling
i liked ur poem a lot. i read it once, twice, thrice, n several times. it's really touching. i hav also been in love n got betrayed.
This is a perfect and better than the bestpoem. Not only for me,but for all the one sided lovers.
Hi, your poem was just great! It was very touching.

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You Are Like The Diamond

You are like the diamond
You glimmer and glow
And shine so brightly
Some, like me, draw close
To feel your warmth, your heat
Only to find none

You are like the diamond
You are bright and strong
But you have no warmth, or love
It's a terrible game
To play with people's hearts
Like mine

You are like the diamond
You will last longer than most
But you will have no love
No warmth to back up that bright light
So what kind of life will it be?
Besides long?

Will you regret it someday?
Regret being so much like the diamond
Regret being so cold
And look for me
A find me gone?
Can I ever leave?

No, I can never leave you
I am drawn to this cold light
This false sense of warmth you give
I keep wishing and hoping
That someday, you will give warmth
But, this will never be

Diamonds last forever

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i love this poem i look at it evey day at school abnd home
I read your poem it really is nice and what ever i'm voting for lovebug
omg this is so true! i luv it lots! great work with this poem!
i feel that that dude wus gay you should get over his hart brake if you ever think about him if and only if you feel up to it and tell him your hart ache if you can
thi is a poem that has touched me because thats what just happened to my heart.
Hey love bug! I absolutly loved your poem! It really touched me because it reminded me of this guy (sam) I like. It's exactly how sam and I are. He is like a diamond and I keep falling for him over and over again! Thank you for putting my feelings into words.
thiz poem was cute i'm srry lady_bug but i had put it on my page yes i put ur name on it cuz i woodn't put it on ma page wit out ur name cuz ppl kno i can't think like dat lol srry but it was cute and it had got to ma head so keep writin ur poetry u r da best girl keep ya head up
I just went through something with a guy I've liked for so long. It is love. But he's only interested in being secret friends with me. Not even open friends. In front of others he acts so heartless that I want to die. There's warmth deep within him, but the harsh exterior kills it.
This poem was sad but true. once you fall in love you put up with alot and hope things change for the best, but if they dont want to, they are like a diamond , stay the same and last 4ever.
This really helped because this is what i am dealing with this gorl i am going to read her this poem
it is a very good poem. i can relate w/ this poem so i liked it very much
your poem is so beautiful i absoultly loved it being quite the dimond myself you are a very good writer :) 10/10
Loved your poem. I don't know whether this poem was written about a narcissist, but, it sure does contain all the right words to describe living life with this type individual. I've lived with a male narcissist for the past 45 years. All I can say to all ladies, is this; if your young yet and happened upon this poem and read it and your current boyfriend comes to mind immediately, run for your life while your still young. Thanks LoveBug, you've captured narcisstic personality disorder and turned it into poetry, beautifully and perfectly.
This poem is great, its exactly how i feel rite now, i love a guy and he doesnt even care about wat i do for him and how i stick up for him i just wish he could think of me and my situation, from now on he is always gonna be my diamond, if he doesnt care, y should i?
man, dat was good it touched me rite there,lol. but i'm also real surprised dat people feel this way too. noew you kno ur not alone keep doin wut chu doin gurl,u have great talent
I liked your poem, i was just in a relationship and its was just like you said. Your words are so true!
your poem is really good and it made me think about how this guy pulls me in and then pushes me away but i keep going back to get hurt thanks for opening up my eyes.
i know what you mean
I like this poem, and dimonds do last forever but a broken heart fades away.
wonderful job
That poem was very sweet and poems about love is from the heart. I completly under stand what you are trying to say
wow this was really powerful. great job. i have a best friend that is in your situation too. they still beleive that they will acually love them someday but they won't. its sad to see one of your best freinds' heart thrown around like that. its really sad to see someone do that to somebody you love. but hopefully you will give up on this person and move on because if you are anything like my friend, you deserve so much better thatn that and you don't deserve to have your heart thrown around, you deserve someone that will acually love you and won't lead you on. great poem and i really hope you find someone better because you deserve a lot better. good luck! courteny~**~~~~*//////
WOW, simply amazing! So true, and so real. i will never forget this poem! Great work!
i love this poem! it reminds me of so many people!
I would give this poem a 5. It relates to me.
thanks for sharing such a heartfelt poem. It realy touched a chord with me.
i love'd your poem it was wonderful and so true cause i am dating this guy whom fits that poem but i could never ever picture myself with out him so thank you for writting this poem it touched me
Wonderful poem
Hey your poem was great i lost many that were as the one you discribed
Thanks alot for making this poem but it reminded me of a guy named Jonathan that hurt me a lot
This really hits home. The man thats been in my life for the past 6 yrs. exclusivly and 11 years off and on reminds me of him in this poem. Ilove him very much he is my soul mate, but he cant return all the warmth and love. He is capable and i know that he loves me the way i do him. He just have very deep issues that he needs to overcome. untill then ? he is my diamond !
i've been writing poetry since i was about 12, i'm now 20, and you have caught my eye, you have managed to sum up this insence feeling i had for a boy who was my first love. but that i was nothing to him. your poem is incredible. you should be proud of your work
I love this poem 'cos it's exactly how I'm feeling right now about an ex who played around with my heart and didn't even have the decency to let me know he was leaving. I didn't realise there were so many people feeling the same way I do right now. Knowing has made me stronger so thanks to all of you who have commented on this poem as well. Hope your hearts feel abit better soon!
This Poem said so much about my past love. He was a jerk and he played wth my heart but we move on with life
Thank you for expressing what is in MY heart through this wonderful gift YOU have. Unfortunately, diamonds are forever.
this is totally how i feel about my ex he's a jerk and i know that but yet i'm in love with him and always will be
I really love your poem it describes the way i feel now about a lost love who played with my heart.
I love this poem not only because it is heart warming and tells a perspective and gives advice, but also because I have gone through the same thing.
it was really great i love it. sweet words descripeing the pain. from alover like dimond. what can i say! so sweet
hey i loved the poem because it remember about someone.
This is exacting how I feel, about this guy I have been with for over 8 years now, i just wanted to thank you for putting in simple words for me and for him!
i loved your work on You Are Like The Diamond i think this poem will be said at my funeral (if that is alright) well thanks for putting this poem on the world wide web i hope these words of sadness reach millions of hearts like it did mine
this poem reminds me of my ex boyfriend. i was never able to truly tell how he felt about me. he seemed to be the perfect boyfriend but it was all a facade. it was just looks because once i took a look inside if him and got to know him he was a shallow person and he will always be that way because "diamonds last forever"
Your poem is very crisp and clear. Simple rhythm and easy reading . :-)
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