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When one loves completely, but the love is not returned, they must bestow a most painful gift. That of letting go. For if you love someone, you will do anything you can to make them happy.

No matter how much it hurts.

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This really touched me, I'm going through something similar now and I so want her back. I'm only alive when I'm with her.
just broke up
i really love the poem and it had really touched my heart. the author did a good job in expressing his feelings and have create a a really touching poem. T_T
i really think that this poem is great. when i read it it brought me back to the days i were with him and he said promises are meant to be broken. and it ended up so sadly. just like the poem 'corrupted love'
I feel that I can relate to this poem. I've lost someone that I am still in love with and I just keep praying that things will get better.

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Promises Made

Yesterday's goals, dim memories.
Dark saddened eyes, blurring with tears.
Painful scars borne; Love's history.
Futures crumble when doubt appears.

No brightly lit hope envisioned,
When following after harsh words.
Hurt soul splits in twain, partitioned.
Swooned by appeal - when numbness lured.

Apologies made, never bought.
Price paid turned out far too costly.
Though never known what would be wrought -
Must walk into the night softly.

One wish, only to be released.
Granted - now receive this token.
Words written in rhyme, love's deceased.
When promises made . . . were broken.

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this poem remember me of the promises my and my boyfriend made. thank you for the poem
its the best poem that explanes exactly what i am going through its very good
This was exactly what i was looking for! Kudos! Lovely poem!
I love this poem. It's very deep and I'm a deep person so I guess that makes sence.
wow, it is a really well written poem, well done =]
Hi Chris, This has really touched me. I have just made the decision to let go of the man I have really think to be the ONE for my life. Some times we just have to make such decision in order to let the other person have a more fulfilled life. I just want to thank you. esp the last verse. when love decease. all promise. all dreams. will no longer be valid. they will be. only in your memories. only in your heart. MAY True LOVE LAST FOREVER, CE
This is very touching and bright love the way you express yourself s you are writing.
great poem keep up the good work.
Wow this is a great Poem . Myria
i felt like i could relate to this poem. it seemed like what happend to me.
its an amazing way on how to express a broken love. im going through that right now. hurts felt that pain in words through your poem.
this was great. i can really relate to all ur poems, this one especially. it was good
Christopher everyone seems to enjoy your poems man i guess you got some talent so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
i thought this was very good. strong words and it rhymed. which is hard for me when i write something so deep. GOOD JOB!
Ur PoEm reminds me of my unhappy really bad rel. ships niZe Job
there is not much to say other than i love the poem and it really touched me!
That was a good poem; your poem got me thinking of something. I write poems, too, but yours are better then mine, and are really good. Good luck!
While Im reading this poem it remind me of someone I loved so dearly but my heart knows no matter how much I love him he can never be mine and even from the start I knew he was already owned by someone, until the time came I had to let him go because of too much pain that I could no longer take. This poem let me realize that it wasnt only me who suffered who became blind about love but indeed in life no matter how hard to let go of someone you trully love but knowing that special someone dont really loved you like the way you have loved him then we have to let them go. (didicated to name ALDGE)
This poem truely touched me. I just losed a loved one.
Thank you.
This poem was really good and really touched me
Omg, this is, and has been since the first time I read it, my favorite poem in the world. I one day hope to become as good as a poet as you are. I would love to hear more of your poems and maybe hope to soon. This one is a real winner.
This poem has so much effect on me. My ex-boyfriend is always making promises and breaking them. Love the poem.
great poem. it touches my soul.
aurora- lee
being a person that has there heart broken all the time by people that just don't care. it reminds of that day.
brilliant poem. pure from the heart. i love it!
i have been with this guy for a year now and ower relationship has been based on broken promises that he made and this poem just opened his eyes and he relized he was hurting me and we both would like to thank you because if it was not for your poem we would not be together today thank you so much jessica and chris
Ahh to hear such mastered words sadness makes my heart fill with pain and burst. I felt every word you wrote, keep on.
this peom was good its was very sad\
SUPERB! I totally relate!
Trully expression from deep inside heart. most probably is experience. then i read it, so i cant hold my tears back.
I am in an uhappy relationship and your peom touched me deeply.
i really liked this peom!
this poem was excellent
this poem explains it all. cause i know where u are coming from. keep up the good work.
Thats very good. I know from experince. Thank you for the time to write this poem.
I really liked this peom because it was really well-written and I've gone through a lot of the stuff I read in it. It really sums up what happens if you break a promise to someone you love.
i really like your poem alot i;m sorry if it ever something happened similar to your poem. I like it cause i remember my boyfriend which we broke up, well he did and if it ever happened to you i know how you feel. well hoe your'll happy right now . bye good luck in the future.
Damn! This poem got me crying. I can really relate to it 'coz my ex made a promise but never kept it. that she'll never leave me.
Christopher, That was a very good poem. Keep up the good work and don't worry. I'm sure things will get better!
the poem was geart
When I read this poem, I instantly feel inlove with it! For I have too have had a broken heart! Never stop writting. you are an amazing poet!
This is a good poem and i really like it
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