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What if life wasn't full of contradictions? Would we never have second thoughts, and just act on our first? This poem is about the contradictions of the everyday mind, and the everyday thought.

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Very Passionate words have been used.
This poem describes me in such a way u mite not believe it thnx for givin me da best way to describe ma self
I was/am in a relationship just like this. We might have broken up yesterday. It seems odd to say so, but the feelings are so mixed. This poem described my feelings EXACTLY!

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Twisting And Turning

Mixing and matching,
Twisting and turning,
Hoping and praying,
Dreaming and considering,
Never knowing yet always knowing,
Wanting to, yet not wanting to,
Mixing my heart,
Matching my soul to yours,
Twisting fate with the flick of the wrist,
Turning my life over,
Hoping that it would end,
Praying that it never would stop,
Thinking it was over,
Wishing that it wasn't,
Dreaming of its coming,
Considering letting it steal within
Never knowing if it's true,
Always knowing that it's there.
Wanting to live in the light,
Not wanting the light to come,
The love of another
The dreams of someone close,
Remembering what you used to feel,
Can it come back if you pray so?

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Oh, my, god! Wanting to live like this forever and wishing the pain and confusion to end is what have faced everyday for the past few years. If i ever knew love could be so complex - wanting yet hating the feelings the jump out at you from all directions - i would have ripped out my heart long ago. Im 17 and it relates to me like a petal to a flower, down to the last detail. Its amazing, your poem, it touched me and i thank you for pointing out a few feelings that i couldnt understand myself. Thank you.
wow it was complex for me but it was touching and i can relate to it quite well easliy on of the best i have ever seen/read
what a beautiful poem,it fits my life perfect right now.
Great poem man this poem really touched me
This is an amazing poem and describes life and love so acurately. I never before thought that it was possible to put such emotions into words, yet you have. It's fabulouw work, Keep it up!
Wow. What can i say? I feel like this, and it sounds like some of the stuff i have written myself, i never know other people felt the same things as me, or was as confused as i.
WOW this is how my mind and heart works to gether. a life full of knowing and not knowing. i read poems all the time and its rear when one really touches me. this one has its all the words in my head writen out there perfectly. great job on putting the feelings adn the twisting and turning into words
i loved this piece! being 16 i can fully relate to all of the emotions jumping at me fom the poem! and being 16 i feel them so strongly, they can be frustrating, but you dont want them to go away, in case your left feeling empty and alone. any wayz i really luvd it! even if it was sad, i no that i am not the only 1 in the world feeling these emotions
This is a wonderful poem that expresses how a person can feel and "not feel" at the same time! BRAVO!
its true portrait of love. d joy and pain we feel from our beloved. the wanting to hold on yet the wish to let go. when it pains
i can REALLY relate to this poem. i'm never brave enough to tell a guy i like him, so it's jst a guessing game until my herart gets broken
This is such a great play on words! Life is so crazy like that! I love the poem! Thats exactly where I am right now in my life. I love it! Keep writing!
i relly felt this poem
I can relate to this poem alot during my situation at the moment. Life just seems to be so confusing and "Twisting and Turning" for me right now and it is lovely to hear just these words that explains it all!
Outstanding poem, well done Bessy ! i really and sincerely love your poem, and it reminds me of somebody in australia, we love each other but we cannot be together
applies to my life 100%. great poem
hey, your poem is sooo cute, it made me cry, becouse it reaminded me of my life, it was bieutiful! i wish i could wright poems the way u do!
Thank you guys for your notes! It's awesome to know my writing can get such a reaction!
This poem describes exactly what my relationship feels like.
After reading this poem. I felt like as though i am tossing a coin and wanting it to turn up with both heads and Tails! A beautifully phrased hearfelt feelings. these words are!
I really, really liked your poem it reached my feelings for many reasons. Keep writeing AMAZING poems like that. When I see another amazing poem from you I shall send you another nice comment.
simple yet complex
this poem reminds me of my b/f and the way i feel anout him.
very beautiful, very moving thankyou
I truely love your poem.I am going through a very rough time in my relationship.we've been on and off for 8 yrs.I finally moved out, and he finally realized how much he loves me, but part of me feels its too late, because of all the pain that he put me through in the past
From a lovelorn Brit who cannot be with her American Lover this descibes my state of mind
these are my feelings and thoughts exactly as if you looked into my heart
This poem is awesome it totally described me and the relationship I can't seem to get myself out of. After reading this it might give me the courage and strength I've been longing for. Thanx a million
Dear bessy41, I loved your poem! Thank you for sharing it with the rest of the world.
I really love your poem,it is as if you know exactly how I feel. This poem touched me really deep. I know your feelings.
very lovely, yet sad, I want to find love again, it's just so frightening becuse I still think of the one I can never be with again...
I love this poem, it is so complex but yet so very simple. It explans me and I want you to know that you are a very good writer (to whoever you may be) Blue as always, brokenhearted In Nc
this is an excellent poem!

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