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I have learned that sometimes you fall in love with people, who don't feel the same way about you. I have been in such a situation.

This poem was written for someone who I gave my trust, love and friendship to, only to have my heart broken, and my trust displaced. If you are ever in a similar situation, you know how it feels to be used.

A Few Visitor Comments

WOW! AMAZIG! AM SPEACHLESS! i truely liked it alot. i hope u can just forget all about it. 'n' move on with ur life. you're special. i can tell. keep it up ;)
All i can say is WOW. ! im speechless i kant explain how i feel about this poem. I love it. Its so true.
I give this poem a 10! Great job!

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I Was Reminded

As we lay there quiet
I was reminded of all the reasons why I lust you
Your smile,
and the way it teased at me seductively
Your laugh,
and the way it tempted me
Your eyes,
and the way they seem to hypnotize me

As we sat there silent
I was reminded of all the reasons why I love you
Your smile,
and the way it brings such life into me
Your laugh,
and the way it makes everything okay
Your eyes,
and the way they seem to read my thoughts

As we stand here now
I am reminded of all the reasons why I hate you
Your smile,
and the way it confuses me
Your laugh,
and the way it seems to mock me
Your eyes,
and the way they can look into mine and not feel a thing

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Very good.
i love this poem
it says so many things in such a simple way. best ive seen so far. brilliant
Wow. Amazing. It really touched me. It made me think of every friendship I've been in and lost and the way everything they do can made you feel a different way once u feel differently about them. Great Job
its just what im feeling right now. Thanks
one of the greatest and most touching poems I've ever read.
OMG, that was so good! I've been on the recieving end of that a few times!
I loved it. It reminds me of my ex- boyfriend.
very nice one. touchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
its a great poem. Its very life like, and i reminds me of my ex.
THIS POEM IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL about my ex boyfriend angel. i loved him with all my heart and i still do but he broke mine.
I think that's a really good poem. I know exactly how it feels to be in your shoes. Well I relate to the poe anyways. Good job. I love it!
this poem is so true is doesnt just talk about the hings we are all feeling that are the good things about what we lost its the truth. how they can change and suddenly that loving laugh and smile becomes so empty. you inspired me.
This was a great poem! It not only spoke for it's self, but it also spoke for the people that have gone through the same things!I mean remembering the other persons smell, touch, when your no longer together is tough because sometimes you just don;t want to be reminded!
i love this poem! it says every thing i feel! its so sad but true.
Having your trust broken- having someone create a false friendship, only to find out the truth months later, is just plain horrible.
wow! i love it. cuz i really feel tha same way about my guy. its crazy. nice job. maybe you'll read my poems and comment me. i write alot of poems and lyrics about love and sad things. but nice job.
omg this poem is soooo good you have real talent, i just got dumped tonight lol. but yeah its really good and yeah good job keep it up =]
this poem was great. reminds me of a lot of things.
Oh My God. this is simply they best poem I hav ever read. Thank you so much for writing this. This poem reminds me of someone. It makes me just want to cry but its awsome!
This poem broke my heart all over again.
i love this poem, keep up the good work
wow! that was such a good poem!you are so talented and you are a good writer!
This poem hit me hard. it reminds me of just how intense and the finest line between love and hate love can bring. experiencing this first hand. loving someone and hating them at the same time; for being able to show no emotion in their eyes and be so cold and unkind when all you can do is sit there beg. and cry. that can bring about the most angst to someone you love there is; is for them to look at you coldly and take back all they ever said. to tell you when they loved you it was a lie. to have you believe that all they ever shared with you was a lie and false and say it all without blinking. only to have them take it all back again when the argument is over. i love him. i hate him for it.
Very touching, and oh so true.
I have to say that this poem really caught me off gaurd. It was perfect from my veiw point. Even cry somewhat. It really touched me, and I really think you have tallent.
This poem tells exactally how I felt about someone along time ago. You put it in words so much better than I could have.
i read, and loved this poem at least three years ago. i came across it again tonight. and the feeling is the same, if not more so. gave me chills. great work!
Your poem was beautiful, and it hit home so well, that i cant even describe it. I just lost what I feel is my one true love, and this poem says everything that I have been feeling for the past few days. Thank you so much for posting it.
I love it. and so very, very true. Bitter Sweet.
This poem touched me, I am going through something like this right now where I have waited for a guy for the last year and I can't wait no longer ever know he wants me to I just want to say that you have beautiful writing abilities.
I'm having the same experience right now. I feel the same as u. This poem really made me think if this guy is really worth it. Thanks a lot for this poem.
i love it. i can relate in so many ways
Reflects exactly how I'm feeling right now about some-one x
Amy lee
it's very sweet and i have sent it to someone i really love
This poem is like a great love. it has a beautiful begining and and wonderful ending. you should really have sent some of those into a poem book!
This really explained the truth of being crushed. Though sad, it vas very precise. Good work!
I'm in that situation right now. Ifeel so used. 7 months together n not only last week,he actually told me that all dis while he treated me only as a sex partner. We work together under the same roof. Due to dis,I quit bcos of him. Imagine dis. He has seen almost every inch of my body. I cant go on working there. Voted this poem as i'm in the shoes now.
I loved it!
this poem has been the exact representation of what happened to me at camp. I'm only teenager, but I've felt pain much like this. Everything U've said in this poem I felt, it is a new way to demonstrate the feelings of the heart as u did. U have inspired me to let out my emotions into poetry. I thank u. and don't ever stop writing what ure heart tells u for u help many with ure poetry.
You was talking about me. After 3 yrs I realize love was never there I was blind by lust yet I though he love me the way I love him
this poem reminded me of a feelng that drifts in and out on a regular basis i believe i know exactly how you felt when this was written.
I can so relate to this one. Thats how I feel with my most recent relationship.
And to think all this time i thought that i was alone. This is the BEST poem that i have ever read. The only thing that makes me differ from the rest is that this explains my current relationship and its not just a boyfriend it's my husband. I guess anyone who has ever loved has felt this huh!Anyways i just want to say thank you!You have let me know that i'm not alone with your poem.
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