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This poem was written at 2:00 in the morning by candlelight after my boyfriend broke- up with me. It has words that he said to me in the poem. The next day I delivered the poem to him at work. The last phrase in this poem has the title of his poem that he wrote me when we first met. It's like throwing his own words back in his face.

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*stands and claps. * All I can say girl is bravo. *chuckles. * I wish when my ex broke my heart I would have thought to turn his words against him. *smirks. * I love the poem and I read most of your works I love them all.
I truly liked that poem it really touched me. keep up the good work
this poem touched my heart b/c the guy i was with was the same way and he never kept a promise and then i couldnt trust him at all so then i told him that it would be best if we were just friends b/c i didnt want my heart to broken anymore
This really touched me Nicole. I'm still getting over being dumped a year ago by the woman I thought I'd be spending the rest of my life with. The shock, the anger, then the slow, painful realisation that it truly IS over. your poem brought all that back. Thanks for this Nicole, it hurt, but it also made me realise how far I've come since then, and yeah. somehow, life does go on. Kindest regards, Neil.

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Words Spoken

Things you've said to me,
I will never, ever forget.
Words like "love", "meant to be, "
just words, not heaven sent.

Feelings beyond, once felt,
now just dwindled away.
Reading them makes me melt,
not feeling is how we stay.

Moments that we shared,
were great, even passionate.
Nothing could be compared,
to a likeness that was so set.

Trust came easy for me,
but undoubtedly not for you.
Wishing, I could only to see,
What did I really do?

Always saying you wouldn't cheat,
never, ever would you do that.
With every guy my heart skips a beat,
it's usually always the reason, Pat.

Seemingly on opposite ends,
I suppose could be true.
The end as "just friends,"
What end is that to you?

The girl not for you,
is what I seem to be.
Not sorry is very true,
a wife you truly need.

Constantly people always change,
believe me, I understand this.
In four months seems so strange,
even you can't keep a promise.

Worried I would breakup with you,
this topic always seemed to come.
Tides change, now look who,
Words Spoken that are set and done.

I thought you were different;
thought you'd even understand.
Beautiful roses that were sent,
made now only to look like sand.

I remember reading a poem one day,
I think it's still in its fold.
Many words, too much to say,
we'll just leave "Things Untold."

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It was a really good poem. good Job
That was a great poem, Nicole.
Your poem was very emotional. You really have a way with words. I mean, it's so well worded, that it makes you reflect back upon past relationships/failures. I love the fact that you used his poem as a form of defense. I wish I had thought about that during one of my past relationships. Keep up the great work!
i LOVE this poem it is the way that i feel right now this was a will writing poem, sorry that u had to go though that.
I Loved this poem. it was perfect for the way i feel about a guy
That was cool how you threw his words back in his face. Good poem!
that is one awesome poem. Great attitude, I like it.
loved it
I really like this poem. And to the author- I like your attitude about the situation. And I like how you used his poem's title as the last line in your own poem.

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