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Love in my life is like wind, it blows my heart and soul around. You win some and you lose some. I wrote this poem when I was only 16, after I broke up with my first true love - who I will always love in my own funny way.

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Katie,your poem is simple,short but very skilly written. I liked every bit of it!
This is so me. So much like what I'm feeling right now. Sometimes, I think of why it's too hard for me to find the love of my life, why do I always have to end up broken-hearted? Why do I have to endure this pain?
Kesha E.
I loved your poem it was very good it I go through the same thing getting and losing everytime
as confusing as the poem is , i understand it & love it !

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Losing Yet Again

Love in my life is like sand,
I give it care and attention,
Then a strong gust of wind sifts it through my hand,
I lose yet again

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although it is very short,but it has deep meanings. i can feel it quite well
. I'm sorry
so short but yet the poem is very true.
Wow. Amazing. I love it. It's perfect. I can invision it and it is so true.
The story of my life!
i think this is an awesome poem. its so short yet its screaming out many different words. GREAT JOB on expressing your feelings through yet so little words. i think its very touching and its worth a thousand meanings. its wonderful
this was a wonderful poem. it describes just how i feel. at my graduation i saw a guy that i havent seen in 5 years and yet, i talked to him for about 10 minutes and then he left again. i long to see him again, i cant get him off my mind and this poem says it all, once i love a guy, he's gone in a split second.
nice poem. one of the best 4 me
i really like this pome it is so me.
even though it was short it was very very meangingful, at least to me. great job!
I like it. It is right to the point!
Exactly my feelings right now.
i thought the poem was very good, it tells all lot about how love relly is,all though it was short i enjoyed it very muck and i will share it with my friends.
i love it it shourt and to the point iv been there a lot
I thought this poem was awesome! It's short but each word is so deatiled it's like it has 1000 words! And i can definatly can see where you are coming from with the whole sand thing :)
Awsome analegy with the sand. Cuz really, thats how it felt like. She was there, so perfect then all of a sudden lost and i could never bring it back.
A great poem. short but poignant
awesome, awesome, awesome and awesome !
one strong feeling came inside me when i read this poem i dunno what kind of feeling it is but something is happened so finally!
This reminded me of the one that slipped through my hands, but truely never had.
This poem explains what I have been trying to understand all of my life. Thanks for putting into words for me. I really appreciate this poem.
it is a great poem
This poem, even though quite short but gives a very powerful meaning of lost love. It's very good
Sounds like my life!
this poem is one of the shortest but its definetely one of the greatest keep up the good work i know what your going through. maybe i should post up some of my work here. again great job and keep it up your doing hells good
hey. jus found d right words. wat my life iz all about. jus broke up vid my best frnd. n its jus killin me softly. AMAZIN POEM.
i absolutely loved this poem. i felt it deep down. i would have to lie if i didn't say it brought a tear to my eye. this is exactly how i feel, ur poem related to me so much and yet said so little. awesome poem!
This poem is really good. It's really descriptive and I can feel what you're saying. It's hard to write short poems that mean a lot and this poem really does it.
wow this poem is amazing i jus split up wid mi bf who i truely love and ur poem explains how im feelin! its gr8 i had to hold bak the tears , thank u x
is my life
it's simply speaks the truth. =)
Even though it is short, these words express feelings very deep. i think it is a very good poem!
i really liked this poem because it reminded me of another love that i lost and i just keep falling in love with the wrong people
I loved your poem, it had a lot of felling in it! Good job! Keep on Keepen' on!
I love it, sweet and short. details just clutter it up. u explained ecxactly wat i was feeling in a few words.
i find this poem very nice and love is often like sand as u said very nice.
This poem is great! It is the story of my life.
i loved it!
i love it
i have been wheer u are so many times. this was the best poem i have ever read. its simple and to the point. you were hurt and u didnt need to write a book about it. u put it simple and to the point! i loved it!
Excellent poem, explains everything in just a few words, I know how it is, cuz i felt it too, the same way, Lost it again.
so soft as sand really. choosing words in right way. short but give the meaning.
I love it. Period
This sounds just like me and my X. I wish that it weren't so true but you summed it up so well. Thank you
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