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This poem is about a love that I once held, that I wish I held right now. It describes how painful it is to lose a loved one and how lonely it gets without them. Hopefully this poem will change the hearts of a few and the love I myself lost.

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omg this is exaxtly mt life u think no someone and they turn out to soooooooooooo different it so hard dealing w/ the pian
it was good
I really liked your poem. Good job!
Look in this poem i can really understand where she's comong from its just like we've been the same places espeically when it comes down to love. also i'm only 13 but i really dont know what love mean.

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All I Can Ask For

I'm here waiting
Impatiently, eyes full of tears,
The other day you said you loved me
You said it perfectly clear.

Now, today's a new day
And you're not here by my side,
Now everything you told me
Just feels like pain and lies.

You said you would be here forever
Was that just a lie, too?
You made promises you couldn't keep
I had all my faith in you.

You took off with my heart
And life inside your hands,
I'm left empty and incomplete
Why can't you understand.

You let me down
When my hopes were high,
I try to smile
But I always sigh.

I'm left alone
With all this pain and misery,
Your love is all I ask for
Why can't you see.

You loved me for who I was
Not for who I tried to be,
You were the best thing that ever happen to me
You'll always be inside of me.

We've been through too much
For you to push me away,
I'll always love you no matter what
It will never fade away.

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That was really touching I give you a13
every word your poem had, i felt that way so i printed it out to give it to someone that made me feel exactly like your poem had said
I can definately understand where this poem is coming from and going, but instead of only being a "boyfriend" it was a fiance who has now left me and I think fled. My heart goes out to all you young women who have been or are broken hearted. While it doesnt seem like it now, I know there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Great Poem
great poem
i really like this poem. i fell for my best friend and then he just forgot about me when he found out. i was really upset. keep up the good work
this reminds me of all the poems i'v written for a love i lost, but the problem is that now he's my best friend and i cant tell him i still love him and that i wish things were the way we had them when we met.
that was short and sweet, but it was so sad
OMG~ this says my relationship to the T. I loved it!
This is a great pome it really said how im feeling every day for the man that im deeply in love with that left me for my supposed friend.
i loved this poem short sweet to the point i can totally relate good job
this poem feels like it came from my heart.. nothing hurts more than a broken heart.just lost the love of my life, and feels like i cant go on.. your poem is on its way to him.. thank you xx
OMG this poem was so sad, but really good!.kind of reminds me of how this guy i was dating all of the sudden told me he didnt want a relationship:'( after all we went through.we went out b4 and i sort of hurt him, so he said he couldnt trust me again.but it was a little late to tell me that, we were already involved!
I could really relate to this poem. I fell in love with one of my friends, and after letting him know he confessed to feeling the same. I haven't heard from him since.
I thought this poem was really good. It touvhed me very deeply and it is exactly how i fell about my ex boyfriend and I am going to send it to him to let him know what he has done to me.
Hmm..true enuff..i experience exactly the same scenario.
I can totally identify with this poem, because it is Exactly what happend to me :-(
i love it
ive jz recently broke up wif my gf..she saes tt we can b together foreva blablabla..but i dunno hw it ended up lidat..aniwae dis is a beautiful poem...
I really like this poem because I can totally relate to it. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend of two years and he promised we would be together forever. I dont know how he could let it go after so long but this was a great poem.
I love this poem it expresses so much from the heart!!
I sent this poem to my man to let him know how I would feel if i were ever to lose him, this was great
I thought this poem was very heart touching especcially the strong words.Your poem is beutifull!
This poem really touched me. IT explains how I feel about my current relationship situation!
touching for the undertsanding.

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