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Like many other people, I fell in love with someone I thought I'd be with for a long time. He hurt me so much, I wanted to die. Then, Josh came along and showed me what it was like to love again. This is a poem saying goodbye.

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this poem is excellent,it is helping heal my broken heart. thanks.
I loved your poem it was really good i think i have the courage to move on from my x-boyfriend and get a new one and stop waiting for him to love me again. Really good!
this poem touched me so much! you're right. saying goodbye to someone you loved is so hard. you cant do anything but to let him go! it really hurts. . time comes it heals. nice one girl!^_^
Wow! This is such a beautiful poem. I can relate to it because I'm in the process of letting go of the "haunting memory" of my recently exboyfriend. I love him, but I've realized that the best way to get over him, is to simply LET GO.

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I look into your eyes, your heart, your soul -
Were you really loving me or lying?
My love goes deeper than I ever imagined it could
or even would.

Love is a part of life, I know.
So is the pain and the sorrow,
along with the smiles, and the joys.
My life will be forever changed
because I loved you.

It seemed as though my world was falling apart,
along with my heart.
No longer will I let your memory hurt me.
I will move on with my life,
no longer letting you be a part of me.

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This poem is soo touching. It reminds me of my ex. i got so sad when i read this poem. This is such a good poem. ,. Keep up the good work. It really nice
Melissa, Thank you so much for the poem. I have been having a very difficult time letting go of the one person I have truly loved in my life, Paula. 53 years old and I'm at this point in my life. Your poem helped, thank you.
My eyes fill with tears as I read this poem. I sent it as a card to the one person I've had a hard time letting go of. You put all the words I needed to say down. Thank You
i have tears because i hvae told my ex of 3 years goodbye it time to stop crying this poem has touched me in all kinds of ways.keep up the good work. And god bless the U.S.A
this is such a great poem, it describes my relationship w/a guy i thought i was in love with. boy was i wrong
yeah i have a situation with a girl name dorthy she melts my heart everytime i see her is like i see heaven i was wondering if you could write me a poem about her but the problem is our love is not ment to bee she whants too bee friends i whant to be more than that can you write me a poem on a love that is not ment too be but deserves a chance
i love this poem...its pretty toughy but its all good...good job
This is just what I need for my new composition! I'm creating a new song from scratch and I have chosen this poem as my text. I'm a senior in High School and have been a singer/songwriter for 4 years. Great job Malissa!
i think this poem is so touching. i can relate to it! i've been through it and i know how it feels. this poem is saying exactly how i feel--in the past, and in the present!
this poem moves me to almost tears.
A nice poem.
this poem is good for those people who has broken heart and trying their best to forget all the pain that cause them .
I luv that poem man! I really relate, sounds so true, and so honest!
malissa I think that is a really good poem. My ex b/f for two years cheated on me with my best friend and I didn't think I would get through it but My b/f now showed me how. Girl, you got the talent. karina
We are so on the same page with this one. Good job!
I love tihs poem so much and it gave me the courage to tell this guy off.

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