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This poem is one about loving and losing. It comes from the dark side of the heart of every person who has had theirs broken right before them. It also deals with looking back to that time when you were together, and how it continues to sting. If this has happened to you, this poem should be a good one for you to read.

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your poem relly touched my heart. coz my bf broke up with me. its mor dan a month now but i still can't get over him.
i really like this poem, even though i have never experienced anything as intense, i have had this feeling somewhat in my life. i think that it is a very moving poem.
I absolutely loved reading this poem. It is so true and it almost brought tears to my eyes. I will probably print it off and post it on my wall because this is the exact way I feel about my first love.
great poem it saids what i feel about losing my first love and now i can't get over him no matter how hard i try.

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Love's Recall

Nothing could have made my heart break more than when you said good-bye
No other person on earth could make me cry the tears I've cried
I look for you everywhere and to no avail, you're not there
I wish I could hold you now - you'll never know how deeply I cared
It's not right to love someone as much as I love you
I need the strength to go on but it's no use
When I cry these tears they go straight out to your heart
I wish you would come back to these arms - in my mind we'll never be apart
Now you're gone and my whole world's come tumbling down
When I lie in bed at night in my heart your voice is the only sound
The love I have for you runs through my veins
I can see nothing but you - your presence has driven me insane
But I don't blame you when it was all my fault
I thought I could get over you, but inside my body your image is caught
Please come back to me - you're the only one I'll ever want in my life
And being without your love burns deep - it cuts like a knife
I'll remember you as I cry for all my sins
I'll beg God to bring you back when I recall what has been
So don't forget I love you as your ghost walks through my soul
Until your love comes back to me - I'll forever in this heart have a hole

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amazing poem it not only touched me but explaind everything that im going through now. I love this girl n her parents want her 2 get married 2 smone else she loves me more but she dont wana lose her parents either but i cannot lose her
OMG! When i read this i burst into tears. My mom looked at me like, what are u reading?! This has deeply touched a part of my heart i thought died. Thank you.
i could see the poet has got the same feelings as many of us has got. love patiently and deeply. we might get hurt. but only few knows,it is the only way to live life completely. Lets die to make our love to live. love u all-the wounded hearts. Hatsoff to u Heather
This is excatly how I felt when my b/f just broke up with me, this poem is wonderful
The reason I voted for this poem is because My boyfriend had broke up w/ me last night. It really touched my heart.
I absolutely love this poem! It fits what I feel perfectly. Thank you so much for posting it.
Heartache. I feel your's and I feel mine. I'm crying with a broken heart. enough said :(
If this is my heather I'm sorry it took me two years to find this I'd take you back if I could but our lives are too different now.
This poem was so good. I loved every minuet that i read it! It reminds me so much of how i feel right now towards that s.s.
really great poem
This poem got to me like no other poem I have read. After two years of nothing but pain I thanked God that I found one person who felt the same. Thank you.
this poem made me cry it reminds me of my ex boyfriend. I really enjoyed it. I didn't think that there would be another person who would understand how I felt.
This poem reminded me of my ex-boyfriend and it got me thinking of him and how much I still miss him. But I know that we can't be together.
I loved it! I could feel the author's pain and heartbreak. She knew just what I was feeling.
This poem has touched my broken heart, for it is exactly how I feel when my one and only love told me a while back that she wanted to part.

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