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One day I was feeling pretty depressed, than I looked down at the shirt I was wearing and it was a picture of a wolf looking at the moon.

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White Wolf
i love that poem it really touched me u should write some more i would be more then happy to reseve it from u or come to this site and read them. Good bye WW
This is poem resembles what I am feeling. I am also alone in this world. I have a friend, but he is highly troubled with himself right now. He's so close, yet so far. I've tried everything to help him except one thing, but that isn't possible since we are so far away from each other. One of these days I know I'll release him from his loneliness and pain, and I hope to do it before something else does.
the poem its very nice keep it that way :)

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Lone Wolf

" To soar like an eagle "
" To float like a feather "
are just two ways I've heard people
say that love makes them feel
The times that I said " I love you "
I felt like a wolf seeing the moon
I feel like I have come from the darkness into the light of the moon
but could do no more...
I could see and feel it's light,
and yet...
never know it's touch or even its pure warmth
I merely know its affect on others
From where I was I could not reach it
but I could see the birds flying to it
Being so close to it and yet...
still to far.
Alas, all I could do was watch the others
See, feel, and absorb the light without me
Then when I look around and see no one
I finally understand,
I am truly alone......

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great site. i love poetry and this was great! thank you... please keep it up
I know how you feel.....
i feel the same way.i had a love i could be with him every day, but i couldn't truely be with i stood there silently as all these other people steal him from me (including my best freind). He hurt me more than i could ever had thought anyone could. i feel like an empty shell now.numb.i want so much to be with him, but i know i never will. i too am truely alone.

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