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Sometimes when people leave us or they seem to have disappeared from sight, a haunting and repetitive sound can be "heard" and can drive a person with a broken heart to the point of insanity.

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I am a male 15 year old. I have a lot to prove to people,so I must be strong. though this poem that u wrote brought tears to my eyes after 2 verses. and I cried during th rest. I know what u we're trying to show here, and i understand, it hurts. though You're just brave enough to come out with it in a form of litteracy, thank u and congradulations
maybe i shouldnt read poems when im feeling like this. enjoyed the poem, liked it a lot
if only my tears have sounds. beautiful poem!
I needed words to say to someone and i couldn't find them until i came across your poem. It was just what i needed and thank you.

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The Sound

Evening falls onto this lonely city,
As the night- time shadows creep.
You and I are far apart,
This emptiness keeps me from my sleep.

Where has the time taken you?
Yesterday seems so wasted.
Calling out words of pain,
To think it could have lasted.

Did I ruin what we had?
Words seems so distorted.
Try to clean them with some care,
The memories are now all sorted.

The sound, so bittersweet
haunting with its repetitive glue
Holding on, never ceasing
The sound is of you

Silence falls on this tiny city,
A soulful calmness fills the air.
Mental paintings are all that's left,
I could not meet you there.

Pessimistic voices call,
But it was both of us who spoke.
The pain traveled both ways,
My spirit that had once soared is broke.

The sound, so bittersweet
haunting with its repetitive glue
Holding on, never ceasing
The sound is of you

Chills fall on this windy city,
All alone, it is dark.
My eyes ache from non-stop tears,
You had left your mark.

Absence has killed the path,
Where do I go from here?
Do I listen to the sound,
Or die with your fear?

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such a beautiful poem.
Very well written.. I'm very impressed.
I love your poem. Its exactly the way im feeling now. thank you
chilling pain
beyond words can ever describle . it is the sound itself.
i cried
i think these poems are phat!!
I'm crying
I really loved your poem. I used it for school, thinking I'd just use it, not caring about the poem, but I just happened to love it, it was really good, keep it up and I hope some day you're famous or you have a book, LUCK IN LIFE a friend
This is a very good poem. It reminded me of something that happened years ago.
I love your poem it was very true. I hope you write more thank you.
it is very beautiful. God bless u.
i really enjoyed this poem it really showed a lot of emotion.

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