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Sad Love Poems

Sad Love Poems

Love is a Universal emotion, the goal we all seek, the prize that can make our lives complete and whole. Love is both timeless and, in too many instances, transient. These poems are about those times.

We all believe, if only because we must, that love can be found. Some of us - maybe most of us - have discovered it can also be lost.


Sad Love Poems (1-25)

  • by Christopher
    To love truly, is to love forever - even though the love be unrequited.
  • by Kit McCallum
    When life and love have torn apart your heart, where do the shattered pieces lie?
  • by Martini
    Sometimes, tears say all that can be said, and understanding comes only with time.
  • by Angelgirl020
    You must refrigerate your milk to prevent it from spoiling. But how do we protect our hearts?
  • by Prometheus
    How does one go about re-learning to live?
  • by jenawin
    Love always changes over time. And so does the pain love so often brings us.
  • by Miss P.
    They say "life must go on," and during the day that's largely true. But when the sun sets, life again comes to a jarring halt.
  • by Sarah Healy
    Thinking is what humans do best. Sometimes, it's very hard to stop.
  • by jenawin
    Love doesn't always die in violent explosions of sound and color. Sometimes, its death is a quiet one.
  • by Alicia S
    Circumstance often dictates feelings. And sometimes the very things that drew us to a person can remind us why it didn't work.
  • by jenawin
    A glimpse is all it can take to awaken from an awful dream.
  • by Michael Perez
    Do you remember when she left?

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Sad Love Poems continued

  • by Jeffrey Carter
    Divorce can too easily turn a journey into aimless wandering.
  • by bessy41
    Love, like the inner workings of the mind, is rarely simple.
  • by LoveBug
    All that glitters is not gold, and things that look warm are often cold.
  • by Jocelyn Galvano-Pickett
    This poignant poem is about the feelings of loss that come at the end of a relationship.
  • by Saxoness
    Some Valentine wishes should be sent, not with chocolates, but with hard-rock candy.
  • by Christopher
    Love doesn't always end in happily ever after, even if one still loves.
  • by Tima Chavis
    When the world judges Love, they too often forget the pain their verdict brings.
  • by Hope
    A teeter-totter works only when the weight is evenly distributed. It's a bit like love in that way.
  • by Amber White
    Love is about giving. But even with love, there can be too much.
  • by Mandy Turner
    The poets claim "Hope springs eternal." Sometimes, that's not such a good thing.
  • by Stymie63
    When sick, we either recover or die. But is there ever really recovery from Life?
  • by Mindy Carpenter
    The longer a relationship is alive, the longer it takes to get over its death. But, for all things, there is a time.
  • by Moondust
    The perfect love quickly loses its perfection when it must be faced alone.
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