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Want to say this is the best poem I have read because it describes to a T the way I am feeling. Good on you! for getting the words out in writing. I just thought I was nuts.
This is a great poem. I would know I write my own poetry and I am having my heart broken as well. It makes me feel better to know people out there are like me as well. I hope to read more of your poetry.
I sat here and cried after reading this poem as it is exactly what I am feeling right now like I am going out of my mind over a person I loved so deeply.
I think that this is the best one and it tells me everything that happend in my life and losing one of my baby brothers, that means a lot to me.
I really enjoyed this poem, it made me cry because I had someone so close to me and within a second he was gone and out of my life. We didn't think that would ever happen, but I learned to enjoy love, or whatever it was while you have it. God, I miss him.
I came looking for a poem to express these exact thoughts. I found it. Beautifully done. I am sending it to someone who needs it.
Beautiful. It is how I feel when I think of the special someone, I can not have, in my life

Sad Poems (101-119)

  • by Loved and Lost
    This is a heartfelt poem, by a young poet struggling to survive the mistakes she's made. It will make you cry in sorrow, and grit your teeth in anger. But most of all, it will make you think…
  • by Kristi Maxim
    Friendship brings us great joys, but in bad times it can also bring us great fear and pain.
  • by White Rayven
    This poem is about a longing for love. But, in its simplicity, there is a much deeper, sadder meaning…
  • by Ruqaiya Curmally
    This lyrical poems uses intense imagery to explore -- and perhaps excommunicate -- sad and painful memories.
  • by The Kat
    When Life piles one pain atop another pain, when there seems to be no end to our turmoil and troubles, it is only natural to ask - Why?
  • by Mrs. Poetry
    This poem is about an all too common quest - and the pain of finding no answer.
  • by Ann Canonico
    We are seldom hurt by a stranger, but rather by those we love. For only they have the weapons that bring real pain.
  • by Jennifer L.
    One of the stages of loss, one we all seem to face, is anger…
  • by Jennifer L.
    There are many feelings, many stages we go through, when experiencing loss. This is one of them…
  • by Jennifer L.
    As we work our way through the feelings of loss, one common step along the way is denial and retreat…
  • by Philip Zemler
    This poem describes flights of fantasy that, perhaps, are all to real for many of us.
  • by Lance Hodges
    Poets have an inherent advantage over many; when Life seems too much to bear, they always have at least one outlet.

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Sad Poems continued

  • by Shawn Pearson
    Failure is as much a part of life as success (more so, some would say). But we need not face it alone.
  • by }X{Angel}X{
    Fantasy, at times, in little more than a metaphor for reality. You just might recognize this "mermaid" as someone you know.
  • by Ron Carnell
    Love can be many things. Even an addiction…
  • by Brier
    This poignant poem warns of hidden dangers, when we allow ourselves to be held captive by the one person we can never escape.
  • by Jeremy Redinger
    Every day, in every life, we cry out for an end to loneliness. Some are simply more aware of that cry.
  • by Katey Shines
    Some times a picture really is worth a thousand words . . .
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    This poem is an effort to express in few words, but a powerful picture, the aftermath of the loss of my little girl, Sheena Rose.
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