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This poem is the best that I have read so far. I have been looking for poems that I can relate to. and this is the one! Thank You!
Your poem hit me like a brick. I wonder about those exact questions. I miss My ex boyfriend sooo much, but why? Why do I love him so? He hurt me, so why do I still care? I needed help and you gave it to me. Thank you.
Thanks so much for writing this poem it really expresses what a person does when they fall in love.
WOW! This might be the best poem I've read in a while. I mean. I couldn't love this poem anymore if I tried. Good job!
There are times when you think that you have found the right one for you but unfortunately you found out that you dont share the same feelings. It hurts and no matter how you want to fight for it, its useless and there's no better way but to let go.
I loved this poem I know exactly what you mean I'm going through the same type of loss.
This poem hit me in the right spot. It totally describes what I've been going through.

Sad Poems (51-75)

  • by Jodie Scheitel
    Watching someone who once loved you - moving on with their own life - is a very difficult experience to endure.
  • by Jessica Camp
    If only we could always have the wisdom we acquire from experience. This poet would certainly have benefited...
  • by Holly
    This poem metaphorically likens not uncommon emotions to the patches of a quilt.
  • by Susan
    Someone who has been badly hurt in love, is likely to hide their emotions and make it difficult for anyone to get close again.
  • by Sweet Madness
    Do we always recognize a "soul mate" when we encounter them? This wonderful poet delves into this age old question.
  • by John Laset
    Being in love often finds us in a situation where we live our lives as much for our loved one as for ourselves.
  • by Embrya
    This poem is a wonderful metaphor, comparing life to the beauty of a rose.
  • by Karleen
    When love is lost, memories can be comforting... or become something else entirely.
  • by Tess Templer
    To be less than honest with another is to drive a permanent wedge between, especially when it's dishonesty with a lover.
  • by John Laset
    When you lose someone you love, you invariably lose an important part of yourself.
  • by Annie
    New love - It can be both the most wonderful and the most frightful experience we can have...
  • by Terry Bernard
    There are times when the night brings a darkness not of vision, but a darkness of the heart. And those nights, when they come, seem to last forever.

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Sad Poems continued

  • by Judy Burnette
    Does the decision to end a romance come from the heart? Or from the mind?
  • by Margaret
    You can deceive others, you can even deceive yourself, but you can never fool Reality.
  • by Kiv
    Asking questions can sometimes be more important than finding answers.
  • by Ladycat
    Computers may be getting smarter and smarter; but they haven't figured out how to hug us yet…
  • by Liz
    We can look to each other for support in life, but in the end - we must help ourselves...
  • by Lisa Teller
    This poet hopes that in reading this poem you will send it to someone you know, and hopefully save a life.
  • by Poetic
    As we grow older, perhaps wiser, we gain much in the way of growth. But, too, there is something always lost.
  • by Roche
    Sometimes you have to take risks; and when you fail, all you can do is try to heal.
  • by Liza Marie
    How we react to pain can lead us in some unexpected - and ultimately unhealthy - directions.
  • by Llano
    Each of us has our own obstacles to overcome in life. There may just be as many ways to interpret this poem as there are readers...
  • by Debbie Dixon
    When we make mistakes, in love or life, we pay a price in the denomination called pain. This poem explores that price, in a haunting and beautiful way.
  • by Leigh Anne Dawson
    There is a quiet strength in this poem, though shadowed by the pain.
  • by Nicole Sotelo
    Is life like a happy party? And if so, what happens when everyone goes home?
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