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Sometime in everyone's life, they feel betrayed and all alone, like everything is a lie. You are trapped in a world of anger and rage and you can only see red through your eyes. No one seem to see when you are going through this time, or understand why.

But it is times like these that God takes you in His arms and tames your wild mind and assures you, you are never alone.

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this rocks
this poem is really touching and inspires you to keep going and keep believing if you are really going through hell
mandy z
(CLAP,CLAP,CLAP,CLAP)Beautifull. I must say you are talented and bleesed. i've been there. i just hope you knew how to let it go,and move on. i wish you a life of sweet pleasure,kindness. and love much success in all you do. for some women . one hit is to many & for others . too many is never enough. its crazy . right
I absolutely loved your poem. Maybe it's because emotions are so true and sincere. I loved the poem very much especially,the second stanza. I find the sequence of emotions in it,so powerful and absolutely true. First, loneliness,fear,screaming for help,tearful cries. This logic sequence generates a sense of reality in the reader. As a whole,the poem is very beautiful and very expressive and that is the reason I find it amazing,and so will everybody who reads it. Well done:)

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If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk,
you'd know my body is dead,
my mind has been taken over,
that's why I am so scared,
I can't control it,
anger is making me blind,
I've been left here on my own
chained to a hate of some kind.
If these walls could talk.

If these walls could talk,
you'd know about my fears,
about all those nights I screamed for help,
about all my fallen tears.
You'd know about the demons
haunting me at night,
you'd be able to help me
keep my fire alight,
if these walls could talk.

If these walls could talk
they would say that it's all right,
God sends His angels
to look over me at night.
They'd encourage me,
say though I am alone
it doesn't mean Im on my own.
He watches me, from above
and showers me with all His love,
if only these walls could talk.

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it sounds just exactly what happen to me when i went through depressionand now i just want to say it was really good
really good
The poem really touched the innermost part of me. It was like reading my own story. Each line has an impact to me that I almost burst into tears. Somehow, the author and I have felt the same emotion. Congratz! The poem was great!
wow that was really touching that was really good Chriselle keep up the good work i hope to see more of your poems
I loved it Sounds like my life.
Yay!Im so glad Im not the only one who realizes that even after being beaten and cursed, we are not alone. ^_^ Ur poem really made me happy.
This is a gorgeous poem and sincerely touched me. Thank you very much for writing such a profound piece.
OMG I LOVE IT! it just inspired me to write a poem =]
The peom was very good -- Made me think keep up the good work
Wow. All I can say is wow. You are truly gifted. I loved it, I connected to it. It made me think of my dead cousin. I started crying. Thank you, for saying what so many of us cannot.
Thus poems awsume but sad
christelle this poem u wrote just describes everything im going through right now in my life. the pressure my family is putting on me. and i have just sent this to someone i my family who was close to me but now does not want to hear a word from me!thank u. love ya verity
its a lovely poem n so touchy. good!
Loved your poem!
i just loved this poem it was like you were writing it to me!
thanks for this poem, it was song of my heart
thhis poem is so nice i like its meaning ii wish hat walls could talk to cause sometimes ppl dont even understand y i do things and man i just wish therer was an antidote
This Poem is soo great. It is sooo true. i really loved it
after fighting depression and anxiety for years, I've finally been diagnosed with bipolar. this poem was awesome! it brought tears to my eyes. it expressed how i feel much of the time but can't explain to others. so i'm sending it to my family in hopes they will understand my Darkness and pain at times. thank you so much for those words.
wow. U have talent my friend. This made me realize that everyone has molments of sadness and lonleiness. Good job.
This poem really touched me, I'm not going to lie and say I ALMOST cried when I know that I DID cry because it reflected my life perfectly and made me realize some things I never realized before about myself.
this poem touched me a lot
this poem was great. i feel so alike in so many ways but as your poem says i found god and he helped me god bless it was great! i loved it love to read more god bless and all that wat
This poem really touched me. I cryed while i was reading it. Now, it may sound crazy but it really have meaning to me about what i'm going throuth right now. Even thought i have a lot of freinds i never tell them how i really feel about things i just don't think they will ever understand me. So everytime i'm sad i write a peom or read some from the internet and i never found a poem like this that ever fit me like this before. I love it!
i love this poem it kinda makes me think only if only.
Hey I thought this poem was very beautiful. It went straight to my heart. Well thanks for letting me read it. !
If you only knew how much this poem means to me even know i dont know you sometimes its nice to know im not the only one who happens to feel like that!
This poem made me cry. I am going through a very difficult break up, and the poem sums up exactly how I'm feeling right now.
i think that is true because god is always with you
This was a very out spoke poem to me because it came from the heart. I feel that way because when i read this poem I COULD RELATE TO IT ALOT AT MY POINT OF LIFE NOW
This is a great poem that probably everyone has felt this way at least once in their life!
i loved the way that you put the reality of life in this poem.
This poem is truly amazing! The words are beautifully spoken! But I am so glad that my walls couldnt talk, for the world wouldnt possibly be able to comprehend the things that my "mother" did to me.
This poem is really beautiful. I really like it, and I'm not such a big fan of poetry. :)
that was perfect thats what ive been trying to say for a long time
this poem really touched me. i mean its like it was written for me. so i could see it and know that other feel the same way i do and that im not alone. i like writting poems and this one is going to keep me going through me poems. so to the author i would like to say great job. this is something to cherish and hold dear to your heart and be proud of.
This poems feels like my life and lets me know that I am not alone. Thanks for the encouragement! Elizabeth
Thank you so much. I do alot of poetry myself but this poem hit it right on the dot. I have been having alot of hard times lately and no one seems to care or beleave how hard it has been for me. This poem says it all.
I really think that the poem was just so moving. It was like it read my mind!
I love this pome so much and it touch me and it makes me think how my ex-boyfrined did me wrong and well it makes me sad
This poem was very well written and is very true. I just think you should be told, even though its a very not to say odd but different topic and I'd just like to say BRAVO!
i loved this poem i just got saved last weekend and your poem relly tuched me i even printed it out. this is one of the best poems i have eveer heard it kinda goes with my life right now well g2g allison
i can also relate to this poem and it makes you want to get up and say something.
this is a great poem. i write a lot too and i hope to see more like this one!
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