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Are angels real? We may never know. But we all have to wonder if God's creatures, so full of grace and truth, really watch over us. Do they have feelings? Do they cry? Do they love? Do they get angry? All these things are mysteries to us. But we must believe. For angels are what gives us hope in times of despair.

How does an angel have hope in its time of trouble? This is what I believe.

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i loved it, it reminded me of my mom
wow your poem is awsome it is really touching keep up the good work and i hope to see your poems again
when i read tha name, i didn't expect it to be so touching. well, i luved it much.
That was an amazing poem. It really touched me. Deep down where it's not seen that is exactly how i feel rite now. except no-one can feel my pain.

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Angel Teardrops

My guardian angel, once careless and free,
flew into the clouds and lost touch with me.
Her tears were cold and wet, falling on my face.
Her smile had left us without a trace.

Her angelic lips quivered, frozen and scared,
I felt rain clouds visiting, and had to prepare.
I knew that angels, often content,
were very special presents that God had sent.

To see one so sad,
so afraid,
so alone,
had made me weep while the cold winds had blown.

Her wings lost feathers,
comforting and soft,
falling from the stars,
floating aloft.

Her pain was felt throughout the land,
to feel true misery is impossible to stand.
I prayed so that when her hurting stops,
I'll be able to taste the angel's teardrops.

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this is beautiful I had to vote for it after reading it . I give thanks to the person who has been so kind as to share this with other readers
Very touching. Losing a friend or a loved one is such a personal experience. This poem says it all Well done!
this poem really explains how I feel is nice to know im not the only one like this
This poem is by far the best when I've read on this page. It reminds me of when I lost someone in my family and how the angel just cried and cried. The odd thing about that day though is that it was raining. I felt I could feel the angel teardrops. I think you are a great writer and you should pursue that as a career. This poem could touch a million hearts, I know it did mine.
i love the poem it is very nice and sweet it mad me cry because it reminbed me of my friend chris that was killed over the last week
this poem toched my heart just like im sure it touched millions of others out there. it's so beautiful and special. i've passed it on to a friend of mine who i'm sure will get it around. GOOD LUCK KEEPING UP WITH ALL THE POST!
the poem was very touching and sad. i really loved it. i was crying sort of because of its beauty
This poem I mostly like because it is so interesting to me. I should give it a 10 because this is a beautiful poem i ever read. Well keep up the good Kathleen!
I love it. I love all angel poems but Ive never read something like this. it makes me wonder how beautiful it is when u see some1 cry and still they look like an angel. beautiful poem!
This poem is so real, in January of this year i was sick and hospitalized, but the dec. of 2005 my little sister whom had struggled all her life with 12 heart surgerys and survived all of them, (only god knows why she was born without a splean) was killed in a car accident and so we burried her and then like i said i became sick while being pregnant they took my baby while i was in a coma and for 2 weeks and them losing me i finally made it back to life. Why this poem is so great is because i was at a loss for my life and my little sister whom God to to heaven talked to me and sent me back to be with my life long love and my 3 children. I consider her my little sister BRE my GUARDIAN ANGEL she had just turned 18 and i 35 it was like having a ANGEL ALL TO MYSELF. So I came acrossed this poem and of course the tears fell because you see it's almost been a year since her life was taken away. thank you so much, jenny
cool poem
this poem realy touched my heart and it is one of the best poems i read.
i think this is a really good poem and i want the person to know that you are a really good poem writer and i was wondering if you could give me some tips of how towrita a poem
luz de la luna
this is an amazing poem
that was a very good pome i like it a lot
I always look for sad songs to read when i am fealing sad, because it makes me feel happy. This is one of the best poems ive read that made me inspire to what i wrote, My poem called (Angels of the dealth). It has the same point written in different words. I loved it, It almost makes me feel crowded, becuase weveryones there!
this poem touched me on a high level and you could feel the emotion.
i just loved the way the rain has been explained in terms of angel's tears. Keep up the good work.
this is a very good poem.
That was good! I would really like to put this on my website!
june star
you are one special person it realy touched my heart, thank you for telling me what it is, i realy loved it thank you for this sight,,
I think that poem was beautiful and almost made me cry!
that was a really good poem it sounded like me when my boyfriend broke up with me i cried for days and every one felt my pain just like the people when the angel cried.
Hi this is kara. This poem reminds me of my pepaw who past a few years ago.
I love thid poem! It explains everything i ever wanted to say about this topic. You did a very goof\d job and just to ley you know, you can write some poetry.
This poem is so sweet, and i really think that its a good poem. I like that it's about angels. No one really writes about angels. so keep up the good work
that was awsome
i love this poem. it's so sad,i could cry,which is how i usually like them. it's great1
I think this poem is very deep. I also feel like i can make a special connection to the poem. Kevon, 14 yrs. old!
hi, im from germany so sorry for my english may suck. about your poem, i really really love, because sometimes i felt like everything godd has disappeared an i was standing in the middle of nowhere. i felt very forsaken, left, alone and if guardians exist, i thought, then it seems like mine really hates me or just had more important stuff to do then protect me. it really touched me, you write in a beautifully touching way, and i think youre a great writer. congratulations Coco
wow, i really loved that poem
i don't know u but all i can say is that i luv u & ur poem coz i'm also a poet. with luv nthabiseng from S. Africa
This was a really good poem, wish i knew how to write like u. keep doin what ur doin aight
It's an amazing poem, it touched my heart.
a fantastic poem!it had alot of meaning to it. ur telling this poem like you would a story. my vote 10,000!
i loved it it is so sweet and nice
You have a gift of touching peoples lives with your beautiful words. Tank you for touching mines and keep up the beautiful work.
This is a really beautiful Poem! Thank you!
This poems is so sad. It makes you remember of saddness. I think that the person sho wrote this poem is good in making poems cause this poem is so heart felt.
hy my name is miranda and i just wanted to tell you that your poem is great and that it is just a real poem,it's a real *touching poem.
this poem reminds me of the same pain that the angel is in and it hurts alot because its like someone or somthing took your soul out of you.
the poem really touch my heart and soul i believe that this poem will go down in history.
i really liked reading thru this poem - its for an english assignment - i hope in comes in handy!thank you so much!
I just wanted to say that I loved this poem so very much, although it is sad it is very touching. Keep up the work. Thank you for sharing your poem.
hai omg i love that pome it refelcts of what happened to me hope u make more so i can read and vote alright peace
This poem really touched my heart, it reminds me of one special person that I love with all my heart,and its my Grandma that was diagnost with cancer.
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