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We know who we are, but do we understand what certain traits do to us? This is what a feeling inferiority can do to you.

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this poem was written for me. I was let down so badly last night, what a mess i am in
this poem touched my heart in ways i cant explain very well written
i loved your poem. it explains something most people cant even begin to discribe. u are a true artist. a painter of human emotion.
Absolutely fantastic, just beautiful- so much said in so few words- wowed !

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The Impact Of Inferiority

The naked truth is the final trait of reality.

Once, proud was I.
As strong as an ox.
As compassionate as a priest.
As understanding as a therapist.
I have succumbed to the lowest form of humanity.
Courageous in my world of lies,
my faith being deceit.

Like partners, I have intertwined you with me,
creating spontaneous combustion within my conscience.
I have worn myself out by running from the truth.
And now the mirrored image haunts me.

I am without speech, for my words are offensive.
I am without sight, for it is clouded.
I am without heart, for it has hardened.
I am without sound, for it has muffled.
I am without soul, for it has drowned.

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quite simply,i know exactly how she feels,how crippling life can be,but im not entirely godless-hope is about the only thing i have left,i enjoyed the subtle yet powerful analogy
this poem is practically my life. i love it!
I love it. Wonderful ^_^
this poem is so real and is something many people can relate to- there are those times words can in no way express the emotions you can feel -but this poem tells a story that is all too real-
I read my life in this poem. someone who has felt deep in the heart and has understood the feeling could only have written this. simply wonderful
I related. Great poem Heidi
I'm on my way to a hardened heart, my sight is already clouded & my soul is struggling with waves, but I just hope that for both me and you the process is reversible.
You cannot wirte about what you have not experienced. This is a very touching poem and not only I can, but I know there are many who can relate to this poem. What I appreciate is the honesty to be willing to let others in to see the true condition of the heart in these words. And oh, how many times are our hearts in this condition, but we hide it or refuse to let anyone know how we are "REALLY" feeling? Thank you for a poem that touches deeply into the heart and soul.
I can relate to every word of that poem. Very emotional. Very real.
This was really very good. I can definitly relate to a lot of this.

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