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This is a poem when I was very unhappy with my life. I wrote it trying to figure out all the confusion and pain I was feeling. Whenever I am sad I look back on it and know that it will get better.

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thank you for writing such a incredible poem!I love this poem because i feel the same way and i frequently ask myself WHY? umm the feeling of rejection and the fact that you are not appreciated for the way you are is unbearable! it hurts so much when your parents and friends tell you that you are ugly or something is wrong with you! when something goes wrong you are always blamed and the fear of being alone! thank you!
Ive been sitting here since 9:00 lastnight,been through alot of poems! I really enjoyed them,but love this one the best! "bad break up! and feel this way, thankyou
This is a beautiful poem! I can definately relate to feeling this way! Thank You!
what am going through at the moment and how l feel inside its just what the words say and trying to explain to others how am feeling the words mean so much thankyou

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One word expresses the torment, the anger, confusion, and pain.
"Why? " I scream to the uncaring night. My emotions making me go insane.
"Why?" Again, I yell. The silence deafening, defeating, unknowing, uncaring.
I curl up in a ball alone and afraid, no one seeing, hearing, and much less caring.

The salty tears drip unchecked, following paths long remembered and known.
I try to deflect the blows of hurtful words that mar the soul but not the bone.
Blows not aimed intentionally yet hurt just the same.
I do not know when I have not felt the familiar pain.

What a relief it would be to be free!
To be excepted and liked just for being me.
Many may know of my troubles yet not so much as I,
And I know not the way to stop the tears that I perpetually cry.

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great poem, those are exactly my thoughts, good job
Great Poem! It touched my heart. I just lost a brother in a car wreck and I have asked "WHY" a million times.
this poem touched me cause sence i was about six my life started filling up with stuff and no way to drain it and it is usually what i always say why why why and nobody can answer back to my problems exept i dont know what to tell you and i just keep smiling and hoping that maybe stuff will get better but stuff happens day by day i just wanna say nice poem
wow; thats amazing
Very impressive :o)
Excellent!!!! I love this poem.
I like this poem because it voices the things that feel but cannot seem to express.

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