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Life of blooming stars with the heart of a rare lion, and the belief in God gives me the hope that some day all my pain will come to an end and my desires will be realized.

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I liked this poem alot its really about us all sometimes we just dont no how to put into words.
i don't know why i feel so deep inside wheni read this poem for first time this poem is very special to me thats what is happening in my life. !
liz's poem came from the part of her mind that feels there is unfinished business. i especially liked "why can't i help me". really touched me
That really touched me . thankyou. The second bit really applies to me and I think it's awesome!

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Lonely Wall

I see the stars each night -
I know I will be great;
I feel people's Pain and Passion.
But why can't I help me?
I'm around people -
My mind is blurred as the surface of the ocean;
I talk, but I'm gone
With the winds with no direction.
But why can't I help me?
There isn't love or trust
I can willingly give back -
I've been offered gold and diamonds;
But I seem very unhappy.
Why can't I help me?
Life could be crude -
Life could be adventurous;
Life could mean "live",
But why can't I help myself?

I am shelter when others feel pain -
I am comforting when approached;
I am loved by the world.
Why can't I love myself?
Why can't I feel other people's joy?
Some might call me selfish -
Some might call me stupid;
But if only they could feel my pain,
But if only they understood.
I never wished to be sad -
No one would.

But that is what I'm going through -
I know things would get better;
I would feel like a baby again,
I would watch the sunrise
With someone I might fall in love.
But till then,
Why can't I help myself?

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that was a great poem, thats what im goin through right now
I KNOW EXACTLY how you feel. I give advise but cant take it. Im there 4 n-e-1 that needs me,but am always alone in my time of need. Its an undescribable feeling to feel alone. sometimes it helps me to no that at least I was able to stop someone else from feeling that pain. & remember what goes around comes around. SMILE OK!YER A GOOD PERSON,YER DAY WILL COME.
This poem is a great poem, it hit alot of points in my life.
I was very touched by this poem I feel as if it were written with me in mind. I could never really understand what I was going through but when I read this poem it opened my eyes to what I have been feeling. Thank You
I am majoring in social work. but I have problems of my own which I'm lost as how to solve.
hey! that is a great poem! i think everyone feels like that. its great keep it up!
Great poem. Sometimes I feel like that too and I have figured out that some of our questions won't be answered on this side of the gate. Its okay to Go on trusting God for we know he'll come through and at the right time too.
tells big part of what I'm feeling right now.
this poem is really great.

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