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I wrote this after my own mother told me she had given up on me because she didn't know me anymore. She told me that she didn't even think I knew myself. After much soul-searching and self-analysis, I found out.

This is who I am. This is who I never wanted to be, but what my life has made me. This is who I must change, before others change me even more.

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WOw this is one of the best poems i think that i have ever read. i like this poem explains me and everyone that i know. wow wow this is how i have flet forever but was to scard to say. i just wanted to say thank you!
This is an amazing poem. This describes me, at the point of life where i am now. I've been so confused, so hard to write how i feel or even express myself but this poem has done it all. It's amazing.
nay nay
i think this peom is really touching. it makes you look at and read between the lines not only of this poem but of your life as well
This was such an amazing and realistic poem! I have been trying to express my similar feelings in some way and by reading this poem I can show it tom others. Then other people will know I am not struggling alone, but with others. Thanks a million!

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Anger driven emotions,
hidden by my insanity.
Deep thoughts and insights,
blocked by the confusion.
Timid, shy, careless masked
by boisterous claims and paranoia.
Love for a woman,
repressed by the hate of myself.
Young, innocent, naive,
forced to grow up too quickly.
Kept in chains until
my mind is released by drugs.
Wrapped in guilt and sorrow,
but forced to act happy for my brother.
My mouth spews forth insults,
all really meant for me.
Weakness, vulnerability, and intimacy,
killed by pain.
Self-esteem lowered by
manic-depression and trapped by
my very being,
my words here written, my dreams,
my thoughts, my feelings,
my insanity, my pain, SET ME FREE!

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It's simply honest, not having any objective to please the one who may read. Just ruled by emotion and written by heartbeat.
This poem touched my heart and the poems you write inspire me to write what i feel about inside my self and to exspress myself ~Talia~
This was a amazing poem that touched my heart!Some day I hope I can write poems like this one. [This poem filled my eyes with tears]
In alot of ways I can relate to this poem, its deep and feeled with emotion.
This is the most Gothic poem i've ever read.
This poem is a very good insight on the tourment of one's soul. and the pain that we can't overcome. I just liked it cause it described the way I am and feel.
I was touched by this poem.It really made me stop and think. My friends & I got together and decided to try to make the most of life as save as we can. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. It means a lot to us.
no one understands like another... thank you for saying what i could not. Laura
very deep poem like the way he expressed his self and his thoughts...
I really liked this poem. When I read it it touched me. i began to cry as I read it.

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