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This is my first attempt at writing in 7 years. A very special girl, Tiffany, gave me this gift back. She is a friend (or is she more) and it is the typical situation of crossing that line, and who is hurt in the process. No one has ever invoked such emotion in me before and I just had to release through writing.

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My brother Todd Fulton lost his life on 2/24/2007. This vote is in his memory.
I cried because it simply and beautifully details some of my deepest feelings! Very good!
This is such a beautiful poem.

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Forbidden pleasures
Who makes the rules
Unfound treasures
And beautiful jewels

Can that line be crossed
What could we truly be
And at what cost
Do you see what I see
I know there is more there
Waiting to be found
Can you feel how much I care
I feel like I'm being drowned
If you knew the amount of desire
That I feel for you
My burning fire
That wants one to become two

Forbidden pleasures
Who makes the rules
Unfound treasures
And beautiful jewels

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Very wonderfully said. I am sure there are very many you were in that same situation. to be close in with someone in friendship. and wondering if you should cross the line.
This is very deep. Ifeel this way about a girl. But i dont want to ruin our friendship.
What a truly amazing poem, this is obviously written from the heart and you are a very talented writer. Just amazing! :)
This is awsome, it reflects something about me, my cuz has fallen in love with me, and i made the same mistake, so we both are in love with each other, so hard. but this poem showd alot
I really enjoy reading this over & over. I have fallen for a beutiful person, but for my luck that person is forbidden. Married and with 2 adorable children. :(
wow. this is ME! I randomly googled m name and this pops up 1st. Crazy. This was so incredibly long ago. I have so much more ive never submitted. Mayhaps I should.
I read this poem many times but I really only had toread it once because thats all I needed to feel the way I feel. I loved this poem because it reminds me of well, me.
what can I say. Beautiful, beautiful,beautiful. your words to me,I want to share,I want to say the same to him,but its impossible for me to tell him. {my friend} thank you for this beautiful poem!
What a beautiful poem!i love it!
Bonnie Kate
The poem really touched me, because at one point in my life I was in the same situation, and I am glad to know that I wasn't the only one. You're really talented!
i loved this peom because that is the way with me i love some one but is forbidden for me.
Todd,just wanted to let you know that your poem was really beautiful. keep up the good writing.
I love this poem it is similar to feelings that i have had and i have always looked for a peoim that describes them as i could never find the right words. Thank you
Loved your poem. It is exactly what I am going through right now. It made me feel not so alone with the whole thing. Great Poem
This Poem is great. It has my vote cuz thats exactly how I feel for some one
wow is all i can say . it was like he knew exactly how i felt, brought tears to my eyes. beautiful!
God you poem is so much like me. See I am a teenage lesbian. I love a friend and I never told her and it been eating me up inside. I do not get to see her now becouse of her family. I always wounder what could we have been. I do not know if bugs you but this teenage lesbian loved it.
Our love is a 'forbidden' love! With your poem I was able to express my love to him in words I could never put on paper. My deep felt thanks and keep up the good work.
i like this poem because it makes me think about my boyfriend.
I really love this poem. I had the saem experience once, and this poem beautifully expresses many of the emotions I have felt before.
This is a very sweet poem.
i really felt a connection it reminded me of what i am going through with my x boyfriend i really do want him but their i another side of me saying no i don't know but i do know that i like the poem
This Poem Rocks!*!
i am in love with this one guy. he is my everything and i dont noe wad id do wit out him and he does not seem to see that. he sees me as just a friend. my love for him is true, its no childs game. my love for him is an inferno. i noe that he is the one for me but maybe he doesnt see it that way. he noes my desire for him and he chooses to ignore them and it hurts like a knife striking you in the heart. i love your poem and i think that your beautiful writting will touch people around the world and theyll pour theyre heart out to you just like i did. i wanna become two and maybe so does he but not wit me it, hurts. but hey dats life!
This has got to be an all time classic! Tod is very creative, gifted and he narrowed the point dow to a tee!
beautiful beautiful poem. it touched my heart.
I just want to be one to say that this poem is truly a work of art. It has touched my heart very deeply and made me realize the forbidden love that I have for someone. Now I have enough encouragement and strength to let them know just how I feel. Thank you.
This poem evokes the beautiful feelings that are released when one cannot freely express ones true emotions.
Very interesting poem although it lacks why the situation is actually forbidden. Is either party married?If not,it is hard to fully grasp as such to why this is "forbidden" so to speak. I have been on a hunt for poems for actually a gf of mine and do enjoy this site but have a feeling,I won't be finding just your everyday "you are special because" types,lol.
A great poem it really touched me
I know how you feel i had the same thing happened to me! i like my best friend he was the 2 person i met and we've been friends since then and last year i had feelings for him and i ask him if he would go out with him he said no and it almost costed are friendship!
i like that poem i is so sweat. i would give it to some one i like its so sweat
Amazing! I wish the Todd A. Fulton that I knew so many years ago had written me a poem such as this. I loved him more than the heaven above and the earth beneath my feet. his love was like the air that I breathed. And he left me. And i still have that cross you gave me
Wonderful poem
This was an excellent poem! It said exactly what i needed to say! Thank you!
I love this poem ! it's exactly how I feel. scared!
i thought it was a realy meaningfull poem i enjoyed reading it again
WOW. Thank you to the writter. As critical as I am this poem touched me all over. WOW
This is awesome! It has a lot to do with what i feel right now towards a really good friend. Keep up the good work.
hey i enjoyed your poem it was sweet i understand how you felt when you knew you had crosssed that line because not long ago i crossed it myself
i loved this poem. this author is so talented. it really relates to a situation that i am in.
I thought it was an amazing, well writen poem. Keep up writing
todd you said it all for me thank's. sent it to a friend now maybe she will understand me a little better.hope to see more of your work in future.GOOD LUCK
You have put into words what most of us could only think. Great Job.*****stars
good work!it's a beautiful piece!i love it..
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