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Not really a poem. More of a poetic story about how I met a wonderful girl who brought me out of my protective walls. She is my best friend, but now I've fallen in love with her. Sadly, she does not share the same feelings for me. And she may never be willing to. So I wait outside the walls of her heart hoping against hope that one day she will let me in.

I wrote this for her but I have not yet shown it to her. Maybe I never will.

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it touched me
Great Poem! It Hit home!
It is amazing how you captured the emotion everyone goes through at least once in there lives so perfectly. I was in the same boat and also wrote a poem to my best friend. We are now madly in love, and have been for a year now. Show the person you love this poem, take a chance mate. I always thought I'd rather keep a friend forever than gain a lover for a brief period, but now my mind is changed.
This is very moving. I've actually come back to this website multiple times JUST to read this poem/story. It's beautifully written and very heart-felt.

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My City

I once lived in a city. It was a strong, safe city. It had high walls around it built in earlier times to fend off frequent attackers. The walls were strong ones and I maintained them in order to keep myself safe from hurtful things. I can't say I felt safe in my strong city but it was as close as I could get.

But I was alone in my city. My city had become a prison for me. The same walls which I had built to keep out pain had also kept out good things. The things that make life worth living. While I was relatively safe in my city, I was besieged in a prison of my own making. Yet I continued maintenance on my walls. I chose the safety of a prison rather than face the dangers that lay on the outside.

Even after there were no more attacks, no more attackers, I kept up my city's walls. Then one day I heard of another city. A traveler from another city had gained my trust and I gave her admittance to my city. It was the first real company I had had in a very long time. Time after time my traveler friend returned. I soon began to lose interest in my walls. It's amazing how fast they fell when I forgot about them. I don't know if my traveler friend thought it strange to find the walls around my city coming down. I myself did not notice. I enjoyed her company so much that my walls did not even cross my mind.

I wondered what sort of city it was that my traveler friend hailed from. It was then that I realized that my walls had come completely down. They were beyond repair and I did not wish to build them up again. So I left my once strong city and set out to find that other city from where my traveler friend had come. The place where I for some reason had begun to believe I could be safe and yet not alone.

It was not a long journey. I soon reached the city I was looking for. I don't know what I expected to see when I reached that city. But what a sinking feeling I had when I stood before the city and found it surrounded by high walls probably as strong and solid as mine had been. I could not get in.

I can not go back, for the old city cannot ever be home again. So I wander outside the other city. I still talk to my traveler friend and I try to glean from the things she says a picture of what the city must be like. But how I long to be in that city. To have the walls open their gates for me. To have a city to be at home in once more.

And hopefully to be better off than I was before. I know what I left behind and I do not miss it nor do I feel the least bit of longing to return. So I wait on the outside of this other city praying that some day I can win admittance.

I fear I may have to wait forever.

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I enjoyed reading your story. It had a good point, and I liked the journey it took me through. I hope you share this with the girl you love. She should know how you feel. I'm sure she'll be touched and keep you as a friend.
Your words so eliquently told of your transformation and your longing. Bravo!
beautiful in every sense
Beautiful. I know exactly what this is like, and what it's like to see that city gate open, but for someone else. Someday, she'll realize that I wait for her.
Exactly what I'm going through right now!
This poem speaks to my heart because it describes exactly how I felt after ending a three year relationship with someone who I really loved and still love. It's so hard to let your walls down and let others in after you have had and have lost love.
Hi . I suffer from combat PTSD and a dear friend helped me pull out of it . it (the poem describes PTSD in so many ways ) it was only when I left the "walls" of my "city" did I realise she had an identical city ,but built for other reasons . Perfect use of words . thank you . Peter
waaoooow, but hey, lets not fear of waiting forever, n just wait
It may not be in rhymes. but it's probably one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read.
i just have to say that this is one of the most heartfelt poectic stories i have ever heard. And i do hope that this lady friend of yours opens her eyes soon.
Very well put. Have been trying to get that out and you did it for me :)
keep the grest wiork up
Julie Ann
You got my #1 vote. you just told my current situation in a poem
Beautiful. Flamin beautiful
awww soo sweet, i like da way he wrote da poem he wrote it az a story an da story iz true an im sad dat he will neva show da poem to hiz love i think he should. bye much luv
Buster has put into words things many ppl cant say, i 2 am feeling that i was brought though by the one person i know i could love always but it will never be
Awesome! My favorite by far!
I found this poem to be very true to how I feel/felt. It is good to know i am not alone. it beautifully written
I Can Relate 2 This Story And It Reminds Me Of Someone. And I Enjoyed The Way The Story Was Told In A Poetic Way.
its wonderful. i realy liked it . continue this work and never leave it behind. you will go so far.
I feel like this was written about me and my current life. My walls finally have come down and I'm standing staring at the highest ones I've ever seen. Reading this, I see that others are in the same situation. Unattainable love is a hard thing to cope with.
This poem has touched my heart and soul. It has totally told my story. thank you. This poem gets my #1 vote!
This poem is perhaps the only poem I have ever truly liked. The same thing is happening to me and I know where your coming from. You just gotta Keep on Keepin on.
Your words are all too true and familiar. Thanks for saying what I can't.
What a fantastic poem! It really reflects how I feel right now. Thankyou for putting in words what my heart could not. I love your work, keep it up!
This poem hits so close to my heart because It hits so close to my feeling towards my friend.
WOW! Does anyone have a brick I may borrow? I do not want to rebuild my wall, but steps to get inside the new walls found.
Very intuitive and touching. Hopefully this man will will leave some love at this city and continue on his path to find a city with walls that are ready to come down. :-)
This poem forced me to see my relationship with a close friend was more than I would admit to myself. She was a light that showed me the way. i sent this to her hoping that in some small way it would show her how much she had done for me, and how i longed to be near her. Buster has put into words feelings i refused to accept. Thank You. excellent job.
Your a really good writer. You put your heart and soul into it. Keep it up.
I thought this was a great poem. It has lot of meaning. For i, myself have put walls up around me,tired of being hurt. this poem reminded me of myself. It really touched me. Keep up the good work. Your very talented. sincerly,Theresa
This poem hit me hard , because im going through this same thing. My head tells me to walk away but my heart wont let me walk away from this woman.
I enjoyed reading this.
I thought this poem was absolutely lovely. I was captured by the story, and almost felt as if I was the narrorator. Great writing, keep it up!
Amazing how it moved me. I seems so much like my story, my life. Your poem is and will for always be remembered by me as a memory for what could happen to me if I lock people out. ( Im not good ins social situations ) Thanks!
how strange. i only fought i felt like that, you're a few steps . infact alot of steps ahead. i havent found my traveler friend yet.
I wish to say that I feel the same about a friend of mine that has come to mean more than that to me. Problem being he wont let me in behind such strong and tall walls that he has built. Somehow he got behind mine. Maybe I didn't seal the walls tight enough. We may never know, but thank you. This poem touched me also.
Awesome poem. Wonderful insight. Keep them coming.
the poem is simply beautiful. only problem is i simply can't let my walls down, as much as i want to. the poem makes me long to simple let the walls come crushing down
This is exactly what I am going through right now, except with an ex boyfriend. This is so true, and you are an excellent writer!
This poem has so much meaning and describes how I have been feeling for the past two years.
I LOVE THIS POEM! man you really told it well I am like that too I have a city with really big strong wall around it I'm still waiting for someone to come and help me demolish them. Obviously you found that someone, but she doesn't see it yet maybe you should tell her the story see if she gets it.
I was speechless reading this as it gave a picture so clearly and touch ones heart.
This poetic prose describes perfectly the complexity of relationships. My walls are so high . and I long to be with another whose walls are also high. We may both have to wait forever. Beautiful writing . deeply inspirational .
This is sooo true to me. I love this poem. Good job
A delicate and magnaficient piece of writing.
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