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This was written to a man with whom I fell deeply in love. We met and became friends; then during a very disturbing event, discovered that our feelings were much more complex. Timidly, we explored them, and opened the gates to a love filled with splendor.

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I love this poem because it explaines exactly how I feel for a certain man. It is truely beautiful thank you
it is sweet and loving its really good too
My very special friend would appreciate this poem.
I dream often of Viking men, I love Romance and to me the Viking the Knight all show strength and security. I know of a man, who this poem relates. I think its beautiful. laura

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The Viking

A powerful radiance is felt instantly.
Flames of passion dance in his eyes.
He makes my heart ache with desire.
His words are music to my soul
That fill me with love and longing.
His mind holds the wisdom of the ancients.
His heart holds compassion and love.
His lips hold a promise of sensual delights.
His arms provide security and warmth.
He is as humble as a beggar on the street,
Yet as noble as a Viking chief.
There is a sense of mystery about him;
But his life, he has opened for me to see.
He is truly a beautiful and amazing man;
He is the best of all my dreams.
I will love him throughout eternity.
With not part, but with all that is me.

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i like it. it was a very powerful poem.
These are beautiful words which express how much I feel about somebody who touched me and taught me to live again. Sadly, his heartache is only at the beginning of a long journey. I only hope we will be together at the end of it but if we aren't, I am blessed we had a little time together than none at all.
Touching poem
My ex bf/ best friend is half viking, so this reminds me of him totally, we broke up recently i miss him so, he has so much passion and fire in his eyes i cant explain it. All i can say is that he's the best thing that has ever happend to me and i hope someday we will get back together. I love him so much.
Shannon, thank you. The Viking I love is not a "stone's" throw away. Your beautiful words say everything my heart and soul want to tell him, but can't. Sadly I will never feel his lips on mine and his warm and tender embrace. It just makes me weep. If he should one day discover your loving poem, just maybe he will know that I have been here, too.
I am studying the vikings in school. I love learning about their period, but my teacher makes them seem like they hate everyone. I appreciated the fact that it is a viking poem about love. Thank you
This poem is very nice and i found it sweet coz it describes the person i do love.
Lou Ann
Shannon, You describe specifics of what you love about him in simple but meaningful words. For example, his arms, lips, heart, mind, the look in his eyes and then their effect on you. I feel as though I am living this love you are expressing! I absolutely love it! I like the way you use opposing thoughts about his character, ie. mysterious but open. It's so intriguing and true about love! Thank you for sharing your talents. I am looking forward to reading more of your writing.
this is a great poem. what else can I say. this is perfect for ME ,
Wonderful . It is a true love. nothing more . nothing less
My boyfriend is viking by blood and mind. This poem desribes my deep devotion to our love in a way I have never been able to do on my own. I am sharing this with him on Valentine's Day. Thankyou!
I have recently met a man that I think is wonderful. Your poem describes him so carefully and tenderly. I wll share this poem with him one day.
This poem tells exactly what i feel for the man in my life.... I loved it
I think that this is one of the most beautiful poems I have read
The poet paints a beautiful picture of the man she loves and her feelings are communicated quite easily to the reader. I could feel the man and could easily fall in love with his image.
Beautiful, it reminds me of a certain tall, handsome Viking I love.
what a beautiful poem. so much is said in so few lines.
excelent poem !
I loved this poem. I love the mystery and the way it made me feel. I am Scandanavian. I have the blood in me. Sounds strange but hey feelings are each to thier own.
Excellent poem. It stirs my heart to read the words of true love.
this is my favorite poem on the site, it totally describes how i feel about my lover, and i call him "my viking". (I think it turns him on when i call him that) ; )
i absolutely love this poem. It totally describes how i feel about my lover. When i read this poem, it reminded me so much of him, i sent it to him. when we are being playful, i always call him my red haired viking.
This so perfectly describes the way I feel for a very special man in my life right now. It really moved me directly to him and his spirit.
VERY GOOD! You truly expressed your feelings. A++++
This poem was very inspiring.Thanks for putting it on the internet.
this poem is very much similar to how i feel about a friend that i have recently become very close with. we are so very close to becoming totally as one, but have held back. there are others in our lives that would be hurt by this occurence, though we have already been hurt by these same ones. how i wish it were only we two in the relationship, there would be no holding back. thank you for such an expressive poem.
this poem i found after spending the night with my lover, and he had gone to work for the day. it describes him exactly, and my feelings for him.
I really like this poem
That poem reminds me of the man that I have fallen in love with. It sounds as if it were written about him.

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