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I wrote this poem about a very close friend of mine. I'm not sure exactly when I realized how I felt about her. Well, anyway, I wrote this poem when I found out that she basically had no romantic interest in me.

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i love this it reminded me ofwen i liked my freind will not say his name
That was a really great poem! Exactly what I'm going through and describes how I feel about the girl Im falling for. Well done!
really good! its like how i feel about this girl i like. cept i know she doesnt like me
I love this poem, its sweet, and many can relate to it

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More Than Friends

People always say that friendships should be treasured.
But I want something more with her.
My love for her could never be measured.
I only wish she could see how I feel.
So I wonder, what can I do?
Can I just be friends with her?
Or can I say to her, "I'm falling for you,"
And lose her friendship forever?
So is there any hope here or I should let my love for her end?
No matter how it all turns out, I'll always be her friend.

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I luv this poem even though MAtt's saying he hopes a gurl will be more of a friend to him. well i have a friend but he's a guy and i want him to be more than i friend to me but i'm scared to ruin our friendship.
i say he should go after her even though its not easy but at least he will know what she thought of him and he wouldnt have to think about what could have happened u nvr know
my life is xactly like that poem u jus wrote. i really didnt kno he was falling 4 me n then on the phne he told me straight out n i sed, it cant be. then he sed its true!
To be honest with you it was a really nice poem i did like it a lot? Hopefully you have more so i get too read them and let me see each one is good. love always a friend
this poem is wonderful. i'm dealing with that now.
Great poem.
i just luv ur poem it reminded of my bst frnd . tears rolled done my cheecks while reading ur poem i wish i could tell him how i feel
I like this poem i really do but it would be better if it was to a he i am fulling 4 my best m8 and i cant stop myself i havent got a clue what to do i cant tell him cause are friendship would be ova xXx
I needed to see a poem to describe what I am going through and this showed it all Absolutely brilliant.
very cool something like i'm going through right now
I have a friend who I love. I'm scared he might turn away to.
i really enjoyed your poem its not very often that a guy is willing to express himself in words much less put it on pubglic display but you my friend have awesome talent keep it up!
Wow!I must say this poem is an excellent poem and it has very much touched me because i have actually a best friend that im really falling for and just reading this beatiful poem makes it so tempting.
This poem is very moving and touching. You have a way with words. Tell her what you feel and i think if you show her the poem she would like it.
keep up the good work!? I so touch with your poem, can you send me more poem that touches my heart and soul!? please! i'm begging you!?
i love ur poem because wat ur saying in ur poem is something im going through wit my girl and now we decided to be friends so ill give ur poem 5 points
man, this is almost a perfect match of my feelings for my friend carrie!
very true !
WOW this poem is really really really(i could go on saying that) Great poem it really touched me OMG i love this poem it's way awesome
its happening to me right now
the poem is excellent i would give it 5 out of 5 readings.
i once had a girl i was in love with, i lost her love but she still wants to be my friend. its hard to go back.
i love this poem. its cool. and the content is touching. it caught my attention. keep it up!
this poem is kinda what im feeling right now. i luv it. !
I think it was a great poem. It reminds me of my friend Sanjin and I. We have been best friends for 8 years. We gone out about 6 times in those eight. We still like each other but we don't know if it would be a good idea. So we are just staying friends at the moment.
I LoVeD YoUr PoEm! I felt the same way about a guy and I told him how I felt. But it all turned out wrong cuz he stopped talking to me. He didn't felt the same way I did about him.
oh my god i loved it
my boyfriend just dumped me and went for my best friend if this poem is true go for it really and if she doesn't like you after that well she wasn't worth it well nice writting to you and maybe i'll hear from you some day! Your friend: even though you dont know me Mckenzie
awwwwwww! this poem was so cute
this poem is so moving, i dont no you but i beleive theres one person 4 everyone and she could it, tel her you never no what she a say.
I know exactly how he feels. I have a male friend who i am falling for but he doesn't feel the same way about me.
OMG! any gurl would lov to her a boy say that to them! yea im kinda in yur spot! but me and this guy hav been best friends for 2 years now and he treats me like we are together. but he has a crush on my friend! yea so thats another reason i lov yur poem! i kno now im not goin crazy and im not the only one! I LoVe yUr PoEm!
This explains exactly what I'm going through right now. Just like it says, I hope that someday this girl realizes how I feel. Thanks for writing this.
it's true it is really hard to like your friend as more than a friend.
That was great. I really enjoyed it. I am feeling the same way about a guy that is my best friend. Well, that was REALLY good.
this is the bomb poem even do i dont understand it but i will keep reading it
I really like this poem, it is great. Especially since I can realte to them. I fell in love with my friend and I told him and things are okay I guess but things could have gone a lot better. Well good luck with whatever you do!
This was an awesome poem. I have a guy friend who wrote me something similar to that and it really touched me. Keep writing and share your gift. Email me anytime. Always. sarah
I just love this poem. This is how many people feel. As. this is wat i went through. Keep it up!
I loved this poem because it reminds me of how my best friend who felt the same way about me. He stayed my best friend for 13 years knowing how he really felt about me. Well, he finally let me know how he really felt, it scarred me at first but when I searched my heart I found that I trully loved him as well. I trully believe we are soul mates and am now very happily married and have been for 5 years. Don't give up just stay her friend until you really know the time is right.
This is an awsome Poem it's exactly how I felt when I was thinkin about if my best guy friend and I should become more! But now he is my boyfriend so this poem really touched me! Keep up the GREAT work! you have a Great talent!
this poem is really tounching.
This poem compares to me so much i cant explain it in words so im not gonna try but this is so much like my situation its scary. I felt like i wrote this my self.
A very true friend gave me a copy of this poem to let me know how he felt about me. It's simple words speak volumes. Now, not only is that man a very true friend but also a lover.
This poem put into words perfectly what I am sure alot of us have felt one time or another. The sad thing is, in one case I was the girl on the other end that had no romantic feelings for the guy. Now I guess I know how he truly was feeling in a way.
HoW PReTTy I LoVE iT SO mUch!
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