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Oh this is a most wonderful poem it has captured feelings of love passion,and desire.Thank You
This poem gave me chills up and down my whole body!
This poem took my breathe away! It made for a very intresting night with my boyfriend.
I loved your poem so very much. I am going to frame it and put it up on my bedroom wall. It brought me back to the summer past when my fiance and I spent five wonderful weeks in a village in Morocco. Your poem is so tasteful and so erotic and just so beautiful. It really touched me within. Reading this poem you feel that you are making love. What a great job you have done.
This poem was so exciting. The words were jumping off the page into my soul. Thank you to the author!
I've never read anything that put it in better words. The symbolism and wording are magnificent! Bravo!
maggie rose
YES! This poem is superbly exquisite! I have read it over and over and the passion within the poet just keeps flowing. GREAT JOB!

Erotic Poems (76-81)

  • by Malcolm Coleman
    Poetry is the language of love, and imagery is the language of poetry. Especially when the imagery is this, uh, sensuous.
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    This is a short, very sensuous description of a very special time.
  • by The Unknown Poet
    Our GP rating takes another beating. Sigh. Do not read this poem if you're too young to realize Love is more than just a noun. Often, it's a verb as well, with only three letters 'stead of four.
  • by The Unknown Poet
    Sometimes, dance is an art form every bit as much as poetry. Often, though, it's just a reason to be close to someone.
  • by Poet deVine
    This poem could cost us our GP rating. Warning: if you're under 18, don't read this poem. If you're over 18, don't read it alone…
  • by Ron Carnell
    Possibly the most successful poem I've ever written, and yet I'm embarrassed to admit the strange story behind it.
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