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I wrote this while being away from my love. I just closed my eyes and imagined us together across the miles. It seemed so real!

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i love the poem it is really nice
Being newly in love myself, this poem touched me on so many levels. It is what I want. It is what I dream about every single night. and daydream about every single day.
I really loved this poem. My husband is currently deployed and i'm always daydreaming about our love for each other. Great work!
Loved the poem. straight to the point and full of passion.

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A Fairytale

Dreamland awaits you,
Close your eyes,

Imagine you and I,
Close as breath,

Skin upon skin,
Lips touching,

For you taste of Raspberries,
sweetly irresistible,

The fragrance of you,
Takes my breath away,

I am burning inside,
A torch of fire,

Burning fuel of passion,
For you are my desire,

My heart beats with every breath,
You are my destiny,

Your eyes evade me,
deep, dark, mysterious,

I am your slave,
Your love has captured me,

Grab my body,
Pull me close,

Show me your love,
In ways I could only dream.

Wake me I must be dreaming,
This is a fairytale.

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I love this poem because I could send this to my girl and she loves it. I like poems and I write them myself. I am trying to have a book on my own but its going to take me some time to finished.
Good poem Keep up the good work
this is one of the sweetist most romantic poem i have ever read keep on with the writeing and send it to!
A lovely poem. Simple but provoking.
very well done. I liked it very much.
Loved It !
I really loved the poem it was really realistic. it actually felt like the person was there. You can feel the heat and passion that you have for that person. keep on writing!.
wonderful expression of desire. Poet not only disclosed the hidden pangs but have made it clear what he expects from the beloved. REAL GREAT COMPOSITION.
i think this poem was very good
So simple and sweet digs deep into ones heart . keep the words coming loved it
i thing this poem reminds me of my love i have got with my boyfriend
Baby Gurl
This poem was very good. You know, I sometimes find myself daydreaming during school about the one I love. But the author of this poem really hit home. For what its worth, I loved this poem its the best one i've read thus far!
From one poet to another; this is a great one indeed. Not many can express my heart the way that your poem does here. Love is the greates gesture of all and you've put it so eloquently
I thought that poem was great because you really expressed your feelings and I think everybody should be like that.
this poems i can so relate. and that is so good and meaningful. great job!
Iloove your poem so much I could just cry right about now. even though I am single that has touched me so much that i just reminds of me and how I felt toward my ex-boyfriend. Love your poem. Keep up the good work!
This is a very lovely poem. It catches every phrase that I think about! Thanks,
good its sssooooo good lovin it
this poem is a great poem i really like it!
A beautiful well wrote poem that captured my heart and I know it will surely capture the hearts of many others who read it. Well Done.
This is a good poem i really liked it it was so interesting.
its like your true story!
I really,really love this poem. It touched my heart once I read it because it is how I feel about my husband when he is away at sea.
i am away from my love currently and this poem just touched me cause it ia how i feel in my heart too thanx for sharing it with m eand the world
i really like this poem it was good
i really liked your poem it came from the heart and i could feel and understand what u was saying and feeling. from brittany
Very Nice
I really liked your poem, it made me feel really sexual.
I just want too thank you for making this poem up because after I read it I sent it too my boyfriend that I love too death! As soon as he read it. he said that he loved me so much and he was just so happy that we were together. I don't know what I would do if you didn't have these poems! I love Jakob!
i do not have word s it is a bomb
i loved it's meaning. It's depth of passion. It's depth of love's mystery and it also inspired me. So i also wanna say thanks. it's gr8.
My boyfriend is presently serving in Iraq and we are missing each other terrribly. Your words sum up my emotions and feelings on so many nights, thank you for sharing them with us.
I had a crush on this guy for 5 years and when i sent him this poem he asked me out. This poem has made my life so much better! THANKS!
IT takes my breth away
I just finished sending ur poem to my boyfriend of 1yr,3months which tells u something. that ur poem was deeply touching. love it!
just great thanks
Oh MY! This hit me in places i never thought a poem could. How simply BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing it.
I love this pome because this is would I feel about my boyfriend. We been together for 1 year and 4 months and I am in love with him.
i really like this poem!i would give to my boyfriend.
I am from Germany. My boyfriend is in Irak. Having a hart time without him. love ur poem.
This poem is the sweetest poem I've ever read, so sweet I'm gonna print it.
It's the bomb baby. Keep it up.
I really like this poem
When I first read this poem it was the morning after my first encounter with the love of my life for the past 8 mos. And this hit every thought every core that was running through me. I love it.
Beautiful - Thank you
this poem is the cutest one for a couple!
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