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A poem about the beauty and freedom in a single moment of intimacy between lovers.

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i love it. it just plain bares my soul. my very thoughts. she's good
it means a lot to me you just take the word out off my mine thanks
I loved this poem!
its a heart breaking poem, it has capture my soul.

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There is a place for us
that no one else can enter.
It is a place that holds no secrets,
only beauty, peace, understanding.

A place that we come to,
thinking we are one,
only to have our souls
fused together for a moment.

And in that moment, I know you;
every pore, every pulse,
every thought, every fear.
And I love you more.

I feel myself laid bare before you,
and I feel content . . .
joyous that you are with me,
loving me in my nakedness.

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farid ahmad
it so wonderfull peots i love that ! my vote goes to u !
this is a wonderful poem obviously written by someone who truly knows the meaning of loving to the edge and being loved back
This was a very touching poem. I love the words and the way is written. I write poems also, but unfortunately they are more on the sad side than happy. Ellen
It was a beautiful poem.
Really hot! I just felt a clutch in my heart after reading this poem. Its a poem that possess the power to change a dull mood to romantic one. It makes me miss my girlfriend more than ever.
The words and thoughts in this poem express true intimacy. The same words apply, whether it be mental and emotional, or sexual. True intimacy encompasses all those areas -- whole person to whole person. I enjoyed it.
I really enjoyed this poem
I loved it! It's honest and easy to relate to. You really have a special talent for putting emosion into words!
That was wonderful.
this poem is great it sent chills up my spine it is a must read
this is the most awsome poem i have ever read so far. dont ever stop writing because it will take you a long ways. great job
i find the poem heartwarming and it's exactly i felt and wanted to share with MY LOVE,JOSEPH the man in my life who made my life worth living.
I think its really nice it feels like something i would write right out of my life.
i thought this poems was one the best poems i have read in a long time i send it to my family and friends and even my boyfriend
I really love this poem. It's so warm and deep. This is a dream come true.
Beautiful poem!
its a lovely poem with beutiful feelings of oneness,i going to send this to my hubby who is far from me and i'm mising him toooooo much
LOVED IT!Great job.
This is a wonderful love poem that describes the feeling of completeness and joy that love can bring
This is a very good poem; it touched my heart.
this poem is hot! it reminds me of me and my boyfriend and how much i miss him since he has moved.
it was really inspiring it kept my girlfriends and my relationship going! thanks
jo ann
BEAUTIFUL just as the one that sent it to me. it just says it all
i am a poet my self amd the way you write tis captivates
This poem was pretty good. i really liked it, it's one of those poems that inspire me to do what i feel is right. Thanks Alexis
Wonderfully elegant thoughts in these beautiful words. Thank you for sharing this.
I really liked the poem. It actually expresses what I feel, and could never think of how to put into words. Great job, keep up the good work, would love to read more poems of this artist's.
very personal. and touching.
I have felt what you have written.
I love this poem!
i like this poem very much! my complements to the author! i hope to see more of their poetry on this site!
this is a very good poem you are very talented ans it'sgreat
that is a beautiful poem. you expressed my exact emotions.
Keep it real gurl! I have nothing but love for you because you know what your talking about unlike 1/2 the people on these sites who read a poem, type it up, and put their name on it so they can take everyone elses credit. Keep up the hard work and let us know what's up every once in a while. Oh yeah, hit us up with a new poem every once in a while
This says so much in so few words. I love it.
Beautiful conveyance of the most awesome feeling a person can experience.
This poem is so wonderfull in fully understanding the true imotion that goes through two people during the time that they make love. It is trully special.
I thought this poem was wonderful. Short ,sweet and to the point. Was everything I was looking for to give to my new partner. Thank you.
I like this poem this is the way i feel about my chick
thank you, my wife and I now know the name of "our place". RAPTURE,We visit there as often as possible, we hope to move there someday, forever. Money will not buy you a ticket there, only truth,honesty, trust and love for another. You pay nothing for truth,nothing for honesty,nothing for trust, if these cost you anything at all, then true love was never there. As Karin knows with those KEYS you may enter RAPTURE at your own free will. Karin thank you for your words of love.
brillant.i wish i could express myself like that
Excellent Poem. I have been searching for a poem like this for a long time. Very well written, right to the heart.
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