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This poem was written to express my desire to kiss my love. Yes, he is the love of my life - And yes the sex is hot - But it all has to start somewhere, doesn't it?

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The poem is so nice anyway,and the most thing about its massage is that it is cleare at all senses
OMG this poem was so beautiful. it was everything i wanted to say to my lover. thanx janette your words are so powerful they expressed every emotion i was feeling. my body is tingling with desire, i had shivers all over my body when i finished reading. very sensual
The perfect discription of the kisses I share with my true love. Thank you.

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May I Kiss You?

I ask if I may kiss you.
You just smile; no answer is necessary.
My initial kiss is just a flirting of our lips.
My tongue lightly flicking -
Like I am asking, "Do you want me?"
The tip of my tongue runs all around your lips.
Touching every part,
Inside and out -
Over and over again.
Tickling you, tickle, tickle, goes my tongue.
Now I press my lips gently to yours.
Rubbing your lips back and forth against mine.
My kisses are hot and fast.
I cannot rest long in any one place.
I have such a need to go on.
I trail kisses of passion all over your face.
Then back to your mouth.
Our tongues dance together.
We are exploring.
I circle your tongue with the tip of mine.
You echo the pattern back to me.
I lick the sides, underside and the top.
You echo back.
I suck your lower lip.
You echo back.
We repeat, repeat, repeat.
The sensations are driving our emotions.
We are wild for each other.
You thrust your tongue in and out.
The movements are rhythmic and stabbing.
Simulating our love making during mating.
I ask again, do you want me?
I can tell that you do.
No words are necessary.

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this poem will be nice for two people who been together for a very long time. i like the poem veyr much keep up the good unique.
i sent this poem to my boyfriend . i really love this poem i read it all the time each time i read it i know that my boyfriend love this one,thank u a lot for writting this p;oem i was looking for this poem.
i love this poem. i think that this poem is wrote to help people understand. i feel like this poem is wrote just for me and my fiance.
great poem, very romantic
Passion in poem has been the greatest taste loved by many, I feel that this poem is something more than passion. I'm still trying to discover it. leave me for sometime with this and let divine provide me an experience. I would give a better comment than this.
I loved this poem so much that I sent it to a special person. Good Job
I love it! It reminds me of my husband and I right before we are about to make love! Very powerful; and a very powerful poem! Well Done Janette.
yes, a great passionate sex definitely has to start somewhere and what better way to start it than with the perfect lip-locking session. the poem captured it all. nice work!
nicely descriptive
very nice and well put. i have just recently started reading poems on line and i have to admitt that i like it alot. i never thought that i would enjoy poetry so much.
i love this poem will used it for valentine day to my boyfriend wont to get my ring on my fingure soon. thanks a lotes for this poems it fit me perfect. for him.
i really like your poem. it reminds me of when i met my boyfriend. he was so afraid to kiss me but when he finally did it was like his tounge was inviting me. i really want to read more of your work
awesome & passionate
I love the romantic poems because i also feel that way about my fiance and i can relate to the feelings that you all have. And sometime if you think he is cheated, don't sit back and wait. GO catch that bastard. My EX-BOYFREIND cheated on me and i had a feeling so i went and did something about it.
I like that poetry. that s nice. and that how i feeel. nice one. more. like that.
i love this pome i hope u gat the guy of ur life to say yes will talk to u soon!?!?!?!
i liked the poem so much. i mean is was hot and passionate. it makes you wonder in the end.
it was so good,. too sexy,. like what we actually done,. it was quite several hours playing our lips on,. and then,. it was delicious,. hmmp,. yummy,
This is really a sumthing to feel. when i read this i could just feel that the incidence is happening to me and my boyfriend. ohh such a wonderful poem . !
briliant! i've just started a long-distance affair and tonight is the time when we phone! will read this poem for him! that way he can't wait to see me next month! thank you so much!
mmm now taht what icall kissing taht hot and sexey kep up the hot kissing poems rite to me somor of yor kising poems
This is such a cool poem
I like this poem because it paints a picture of an experience. Don't rhyme to me silly story but paint me a mood with words words words. I feel when I read this poem. Excellent!
hey this is a cool poem. it makes me think of my b/f
I thought hthis poem was great I enjoyed it alot
i really really licked it. It something that me and my boyfriend can relate to. we love to kiss each other more than anything else. He says it kinda made him hot a lil. and we started kissing after that
WOAH! even i couldn't do that. GO GURL!
you go girl!
Hello Janette, My beautiful and amazing woman sent me your poem because she felt it described our kiss. Your poem did so exactly. There is nothing more erotic and pleasureable than kissing someone with whom love abounds. I have found someone with whom kissing is as much an art as love making and your poem is a testament to our feelings for each other. I am the luckiest man in the world!. Thank you for your poem.
i mlove it it was graeted
Very Hot an easy way to spice thigs up and get both people in the mood. i love it
Is so romantic so sweet I just loveit is prefect welldon guy You have talent good luck your really poet
I love your poem. It reminds me of a time that me and my bofriend met, and how we had our first kiss. Thank you for letting me remember. I would like to read more of your poems!
Yummy :)
i love it it remindes me of my boy friend by he live at the end of the world
Janette,girl that poem was tight. I give it a perfect 10.
I really like this poem. I write poetry myself. This poem is very good. This poem reminds me of the love of my life Nathan.
I think the poem was really detailed yet true in what was explained good job
I really really liked this poem, when I get to be older I hope i meet a guy like this
reallly good poem if you want to spice things up
I think this poem is Sexy!
very fantastic and lovely poem i like what a talented person!
absolutely beautiful. touching.
Sweet as. makes me think of my grilfriend(if i have one)
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