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Wined And Dined

While we're sitting here and dining,
My head enjoys the feast.
Your palate is feeling pleasure,
And my mind has you complete.

As you enjoy your dinner,
Your mouth my tongue explores.
I've been underneath the table,
As I taste you from the floor.

You sit there in your innocence,
Your conversation light.
As you sip between your sentences
Your juices quench me right.

I'm sitting here and smiling
An occasional nod to my head.
The least that you're suspecting
Is that you have been my bread.

While I am here devouring you
My mind has you undressed.
My eyes and lips are smiling
While my thoughts your thighs caress.

My pulse accelerating
If the diners only knew
What I have been experiencing,
How I have dined on you.

We're approaching dessert now,
The culmination time.
While you sip your cappuccino,
Your body feeds me wine.

The waitress is approaching us;
The guest check she has brought.
There's a nice tip on the table
For my belly full of lust.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
donna i really like your poem. it explains everything sexual that you can do even when you aint at home!
kris i really like this poem. I am also interested in poetry, and it reminds me of myself. we have different style though.
Dawn well, I would say Ya hit the nail on the head 100%. good job!
Jazmine This is perhaps one of the most imaginative poems I have ever read. It is so catching and thoughtful. I LOVE IT!
Cristy I really liked this poem. To me its fresh and interesting and thank god it doesnt rhyme. It has a lot of Imagery and it reminds me of my favorite poet Maya Angelo.
Gabbi I could actually see two people sitting at dinner together. The gentleman with a mischevious smile on his face thinking these thoughts and the lady across from him just smiling, unknowing of what he is thinking.
George Devine! Simply divine!
Tinka very intresting and enjoyable poem to read
Wendy Whoa!
sharon perfect account of a pleasurable experience.
Sophia I loved this poem so much I had to save it. :)
Sue An original idea, thought provoking, excellent visualization, rather tongue in cheek..I really enjoyed this one!
stephanie this is a kool poem if you come up wiht anymore like this send them to me please.
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