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This was written about a woman I was falling in love with although we had not yet met! On the phone and online she was exquisite. But would the reality measure up? I insist upon giving her the benefit of the doubt. :-)

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This is a great poem! It has so many different points to it and is also quite intriguing and mysterious.
beautiful. and touching
i love the way you write, it made my spine tingle
Poet, this happens to many people. Meeting someone this way tends to make the other person something of a mystery. We 'wonder' about what we have not seen yet. I find the net a good place to meet people and make friends. Without it, we would not have the opportunity to meet them. I can most certainly relate to this. Thanks.

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The Voice Of Seduction

It was another lonely evening
In another lonely bar
When across the crowded gathering
I see, there you are
Intoxicating beauty and grace and poise
Seemingly unaffected by the crowd and the noise
I watched you deflect suitors by the dozen
Hovering about and stalking you like a coven
I sat and we talked and I no longer had a choice
Uncommon beauty and a lively intelligence
A rare combination beneath such a lovely countenance
And, oh lord, such an exquisite voice
Low and breathy, full of promise
The voice of seduction
Eroticism, witticism, full of compassion
A voice that prompts thoughts of
Nights of wild abandon
Of full moons.... Above warm tropical rains
Of long moonlit walks on the sands
Of fine wines and candlelit dinners
Of mountain log cabins with crackling fires
Of romantic destinations, nights filled by sighs
A woman whose conversation is an event
Intelligent, inventive, romantic, and heaven-sent
Knowledgeable about so many subjects
With a voice that entrances sweet and direct
A woman's maturity and a little girl's innocence
Simple naivete and seductive temptress
A complex woman without a doubt
A siren perhaps, singing to tout
Chivalry, sensitivity, and romance
Qualities begging for enhancement
In men the world over
Therefore the key to this maiden of myth
Is to make sure that she is never bereft
Of the qualities she so richly deserves
Do this to ensure that her love will be preserved.

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Wow what great poem...keep up the good work!!! God bless u
a poem for sooo many to relate to!! WONDERFUL!!

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