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This poem is about dancing with a sweet lady I know.

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I think this poem is really good
Breathtaking! Brilliantly written! For sure a poem that makes one long to be with the person who can make them feel and experience all of what was described here. This poem is just marvelous!
I like ;-) This sounds so familiar Excellent Choa!
As a poet myself, I would like to say that you have a way with words. This was a really beautiful poem. Keep up the good work.

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In The Heat Of The Moment

In the heat of the moment,
wild passions flare.
Tongues, teeth and finger tips,
aching to touch and share.

Invisible boundaries designed,
to quell this heat with a shiver and a chill.
Anticipation the red flame,
that melts an iron will.

Passions born of hell,
yet known to God as pleasure.
Finger tips burn skin,
while touching lighter than a feather.

A dance in near darkness,
awakes once more this passion.
Erotic this crucifixion,
outdated by modern fashion.

The world slips away,
as we dance in the fire.
Lips touching skin ,
animalistic this desire.

The tempo grows quicker,
hips interlocked not breaking.
Hearts pound, brain whirls
at this risk we are taking.

The CD a rumble,
like distant thunder.
Passion riding the storm,
of this spell I'm under.

Lips along jawlines,
passion threatens to burn us.
Forged far below,
in Hades' own furnace.

Lips brushing lips,
searing the flesh.
Bodies interlocked,
as to the music we mesh.

The beat so steady,
unyielding and strong.
Fuel to this fire,
as it hurls us along.

Control no longer,
a reality.
As we fail,
within our mortality.

Two magnets,
with positive poles.
A powerful union,
of interlocking souls.

Fight it to hold under,
once more the master.
Panic the brake,
as we skid into disaster.

This fight mere mortals,
against Goliath once more.
Yet now I've forgotten,
what the fight was for.

Fingers, lips, teeth and tongues,
searching finding.
As our limp grasp of control,
keeps steadily unwinding.

Once more the flame grows,
and passion overtakes.
This need ever stronger,
far passing the stakes.

Till we tremble together,
as the beating of one heart.
And as before with a shudder,
forever to tear apart.

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What can i say! except the person should have put his or her name to this fantastic piece of poetry! they are so talented!

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