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This was THE poem I needed. It said all I felt and all he needed to know.
I fell in love with this poem because it reminds me of a time that I shared with someone once. It touched me and I want to thank the author for writing it!
My life in a nut shell: Not being with "My Soulmate" in the flesh but only deep in my heart soul and mind.
That is awesome. It is exactly the way me and the guy that I like are. It is perfect and so beautiful. Thank you.
What a beautiful poem. This describes exactly how I feel and what me and my love talk about. Hopefully this will be our last xmas apart.
What a beautiful poem this is! I came to this site looking for the perfect verse to express how I feel right now, and this poem was definitely it!!!
Can reality be forged from wishes? Is love so patient and kind? Can there be one defining clue? Who knows?

Love Poems (176-200)

  • by Ricky Lee
    Science knows of five forms of energy. Lovers know of a sixth…
  • by Kunal Joarder
    Nature and Love have much in common…
  • by N
    Being in love sometimes makes love seem… inevitable.
  • by E.J. Wallace
    What does love feel like?
  • by Paul Geisert
    Even Love is susceptible to the Universal Law of Change. Or is it?
  • by Heather Lynn
    The things we desire are certainly as diverse as there are people to have them. This poet shares her desire with you.
  • by Jamie Hjelm
    Oftentimes the things that are the most obvious stand blatantly before us - and pass us by - unnoticed.
  • by Jim D
    Unconditional love is a rare thing to find - and very difficult to accept.
  • by Jayzee
    We should all have the fortunate experience of finding our soul mate. It's a rare occurrence...
  • by Yosha Bailey
    What Is Love? is a question with no easy answers.
  • by Jessica Lee
    What's the best way to say You're Sorry?
  • by Heather Lynn
    Love makes us feel complete - without it, there's just an emotional void that yearns to be filled.

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Love Poems continued

  • by Emmy
    This poet writes of a wonderful love that blossomed by simple happenstance.
  • by Tess Templer
    Soulmates are very special people. But sometimes when they meet, the time or the place is not right.
  • by Emmy
    Falling in love always seems to overpower everything else in our lives.
  • by Al
    This talented poet dedicates his poem to a friend who is "nothing less than an angel" to him.
  • by Regina
    When we fall in love for the first time, we feel emotions that we'll remember forever.
  • by Michelle Newton
    The very best time for love to befall us is when we're NOT looking for it.
  • by John Laset
    Being in love means a state of euphoria that's unsurpassed. It feels like a miracle.
  • by Asterion
    Love at first sight - It's euphoric!!! This poet feels very fortunate to have felt it.
  • by Sirtodds_stashy
    Open your heart, love deeply, love forever, give all of yourself to the one you love, no matter the distance. If you truly love, it will withstand the test of time.
  • by Texas Rose
    This light-hearted poem is a wonderful account of the feelings we experience when we're in love.
  • by Tess Templer
    Every day is not just like the others. This wonderful poet recognizes the special ones.
  • by Joshua Jackson
    The heart is much more than simply an organ that pumps blood. It can also be a container…
  • by Sir Shotgun
    This lovely poem captures a very common feeling in a very uncommon way - what we feel when we're missing the one we love.
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