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It's very touching. Funny because I was only browsing the web for some poems for school until I read yours. It's sweet.
When I read this poem, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to tell my friend. There was so much feeling in every word. Thank you for putting into words, my thoughts, and my deepest feelings!
This poem is simple, yet so true. For those of us who don't like poems that are real deep with words we don't uderstand, this poem is perfect and gets the message across clearly.
I am not a married person but I do have a boy friend. This poem just touched my heart. I hope you write many more poems like this one in the future.
This poem really touched my heart, it had so much feeling to it, I could FEEL the sense of longing in the poem. I think this poem is so beautiful, and I had to share it with the author.
Wow! This is probably the best poem I have ever read that truly describes the feelings I have for my lover. I am not a poet and I have been searching and searching for a poem that speaks to me. I envy those who can truly write poetry and your poem is just that of how I feel. Thank you so much
I adored this poem. Thanks so much for letting me have a chance to read it. I may use this for my husband some day.

Love Poems (301-350)

  • by Sara Martin
    Maybe the best description of Love is a journey - from Nothing to Everything, in the beat of a heart.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    When Life gets in the way of Love, and we're separated from that special someone, we have to find a way to maintain our courage and strength.
  • by Sheila Blair
    Love offers us many gifts, and the lovely poem is about just one of those…
  • by Vader
    The beautiful poem is about Love and Fear - two emotions that mix both endlessly and poorly.
  • by Sheila Blair
    Sometime the most beautiful Love, the most powerful Love, is the Love that remains unfulfilled. Except in our minds…
  • by Jason Powell
    Love can often accomplish what Life alone cannot.
  • by Osman Sheikh
    The delightful poem is a study in contrasts, with a flowing, elegant delivery. And a tribute to someone very special…
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    We all need reassurances from time to time, but maybe the best reassurance of all is a love that constant and strong.
  • by Sophia
    Forbidden Love is, in the end, still Love.
  • by Jennifer Bobrick
    Perhaps the most perfect Love of all, is the one we haven't yet found.
  • by Kris Conte
    This haunting poem speak of a dream, and Truth that is best found in sleep.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    A First Love is a very special thing, not easily forgotten. Even many, many years later…

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Love Poems continued

  • by Jenn Hodges
    A poet's tools are not only words, but also the mind's eye. And this poet sees life and beauty with crystal clarity…
  • by Nicole
    This is a delightful and short poem about the meaning of love.
  • by Total Y-mail
    In school, they teach us the three R's. It isn't until later we learn about the three, sometimes devastating L's.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    If Home is Where the Heart is, then maybe we only truly find it when we find someone to love.
  • by Mindy Carpenter
    Raising a family is hard work, and the cost is too often that feeling of romance. But it doesn't have to be that way…
  • by Judy Burnette
    This beautiful poem is about being close to the one you love. Even when you can't be there.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    Is there a hidden cost to love?
  • by Christopher Gratias
    This poem is about a very common, but special, sensation. It's about the simple act of falling asleep. Together.
  • by Julie Jordan Scott
    Beautiful thoughts can often be expressed in very few words. Beautifully.
  • by Lara Gerard
    Second chances can be very rare. And very frightening.
  • by Harry Hatt
    When we think of romance, we think of new love. But it doesn't have to be that way. Sometimes marriage can be just as new.
  • by Judy Burnette
    In this world, we can't always be with the one we love. But we can in our minds.
  • by Je ' Free
    This poem offers us a very unusual - and beautiful - metaphor for the power of Love.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    True love is the only war in which both armies must surrender if they are to win.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    In the quiet of the night, the day's pressures and stress all disappear - when you are in the arms of the one you love.
  • by Dallas Fisher
    There are many ways to say it. You'll find few any more lovely or sincere than this way.
  • by Ryan Linquist
    Finding the courage to risk rejection isn't easy.
  • by Kantmadur
    When love is separated by vast distances, it's only normal to think of earlier, better times. And to hope…
  • by Shadow Of Light
    Is there any greater joy than simply growing old together? Is there any greater hope?
  • by Richardson Mary Beth
    This beautiful poem is about finding Love. And finding the courage to look for it.
  • by Kenneth Carmichael
    Some things are more important than others. And, sometimes, there's only one thing that's important at all.
  • by Kenneth Carmichael
    Even poets can find it difficult to speak words that cannot ever be fully spoken.
  • by Steve Forsythe
    In the realm of Love, distance is never a matter of miles. Whether you are nine inches or 900 miles apart, closeness is a matter of the heart.
  • by Shadow Of Light
    Love can be a very physical sensation. Even when it's mental.
  • by Lynn Squires
    When Einstein described to us the wonders of Time and Space, he left something out of his equations. Love can transcend both.
  • by Shadow Of Light
    Just being in the presence of the person you love can sometimes bring a miracle.
  • by Roche
    Finding the words to say I love you isn't always easy. Sometimes, the inspiration can come from the strangest places.
  • by Jeni French
    The reality of Love can sometimes be overshadowed by the dreams.
  • by Lacysoul
    It takes a brave person to pull another from the depths of self-imposed solitude. But the rewards can be worth the risk.
  • by Fairlady
    The beginnings of Love can be precious, as they change and mold our future.
  • by Kantmadur
    This is a haunting story within a story, of a weekend that was more than it seemed and will never be forgotten.
  • by Fred Hobbs
    Trust is precious and not always easily found. And, sometimes, forgiveness can be equally elusive.
  • by Brian Hudson
    Sometimes it's a struggle to keep love alive. And some people are willing to face that struggle, no matter the cost.
  • by Lady Arianna
    Can Love transcend time? Life? Does it really last forever?
  • by Soul
    As day passes into night, we make our prayers, our hopes for another day. Another day of love.
  • by Athena
    How do you tell someone what they mean to you? Very beautifully…
  • by Sheri
    This beautiful poem is about a woman who built walls around her heart, only to discover they weren't as solid as she thought. This poem will touch your heart and put a tear of joy in your eye.
  • by Alex
    Words are far more than sounds we hear or images we read. And some words, especially names, are a powerful force.
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