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It's very touching. Funny because I was only browsing the web for some poems for school until I read yours. It's sweet.
When I read this poem, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to tell my friend. There was so much feeling in every word. Thank you for putting into words, my thoughts, and my deepest feelings!
This poem is simple, yet so true. For those of us who don't like poems that are real deep with words we don't uderstand, this poem is perfect and gets the message across clearly.
I am not a married person but I do have a boy friend. This poem just touched my heart. I hope you write many more poems like this one in the future.
This poem really touched my heart, it had so much feeling to it, I could FEEL the sense of longing in the poem. I think this poem is so beautiful, and I had to share it with the author.
Wow! This is probably the best poem I have ever read that truly describes the feelings I have for my lover. I am not a poet and I have been searching and searching for a poem that speaks to me. I envy those who can truly write poetry and your poem is just that of how I feel. Thank you so much
I adored this poem. Thanks so much for letting me have a chance to read it. I may use this for my husband some day.

Love Poems (151-175)

  • by Starr
    Romance, those tender moments that last a lifetime, will never die.
  • by Yesterthen
    It's not always easy to know why we love someone. Maybe it's enough just to know we do.
  • by Alberto La Femina
    Can a man fall in love with a total stranger? With the beauty of her eyes?
  • by Gabe
    Thoughts of another can come at strange - and beautiful - times.
  • by Randall Beers
    Many of us search for love, while others hide from it. In the end, it comes when it will.
  • by Timothy Peterson
    Love is about facing life's challenges together as well as sharing its joys.
  • by Randall Beers
    Love gives many gifts, but none more lasting than our memories.
  • by Wes
    When we sleep, our hearts seek truth. And sometimes finds it.
  • by Michael Anderson
    What is the color of love? Does it matter? Maybe your perception is all that really counts.
  • by Dave Kartzman
    When two lives touch, there is always a past. And it sometimes makes us question the future.
  • by Dave Kartzman
    This delightful poem uses a fresh metaphor to bring insight into Love and Life.
  • by Jayzee
    Because loneliness is always temporary, maybe it's just another word for waiting?

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Love Poems continued

  • by Judy Burnette
    Some metaphors are timeless and will never disappear.
  • by Judy Burnette
    Even when circumstances fight us, still we know where we belong.
  • by Gail
    Love can have a profound effect upon us.
  • by Malcolm Coleman
    A kiss is just a kiss - or is it?
  • by Jen Angarano
    Love is a gift best given - and then returned.
  • by Princess
    Einstein wasn't the only one to recognize a relationship between time and space.
  • by Andrew James Rothfellow
    Is there any way to escape from our own hearts?
  • by Esme Phaolain
    Seek and ye shall find - sometimes in the most unlikely places.
  • by AP
    Love, like all else, is a choice. And not always an easy one to make.
  • by Jl Wander
    Love isn't always blind - even when perhaps it should be.
  • by Avilla
    In love, a preposition can make a world of difference in meaning.
  • by Evangel
    "Love at first sight" takes on new meaning…
  • by Ellie
    We don't often look at Love from the outside, but usually from within. When we do, though, we can discover much.
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