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A Few Visitor Comments

This is a beautiful poem that describes the way I feel about my girlfriend. I sent this to her today to tell her. You did a great job!
This simple poem about the connection of love is beautiful and expresses exactly how I feel.
It's strange how many poems i find that seem to fit me. The words to this poem seem to be placed perfect. I guess that is why this is one of my favorites.
This poem really touched me and captured how I feel alot of times. It shows the reality of love and not just the happy smiley parts of it. This poem is real and says what needs to be said about love.
It took me 20 minutes searching your website for the exact poem. This poem really touched my heart.
Though I have spent a lot of time reading poetry here today, this one holds the most beautiful expressions and sentiments of all that love involves. Beautiful in every way. Thank you!
Very witty and funny and obviously written from the heart. Iím an engineer too (of a different kind), but you donít have to be one to appreciate it.

Love Poems (251-300)

  • by Jaime Hickman
    When life and love are perfect, it's only human to want it to last.
  • by Wisp
    Look in your thesaurus for the word Love - and you just might find the word "acceptance."
  • by Xallanthia Zentralthan
    This is a lovely poem about simple - but very beautiful - wishes.
  • by Rudd Stephon
    We live in the digital age, and there are now many forms of communication. But none will ever rival that of being face-to-face.
  • by Wingsong
    Searching for the perfect love potion? Maybe it's just a little thing called absence.
  • by Miss Abagail Mannering
    Can you set a price on the cost of romance?
  • by David
    Nature can provide the requisite backdrop for a prodigious dusk, and the dawn of a new drama in one's life.
  • by Travis
    For one in love, there is nothing that can't be accomplished. Except, maybe, the only thing that matters.
  • by Mike Van Rensselaer
    Marriage and family need not be the end of romance. Sometimes, it's only the beginning.
  • by Earthbound Angel
    We have a section in the Poetry Buffet for humor. But as funny and cute as this poem is, it still hold a grim Truth about Love.
  • by Ted Reynolds
    There are times when words don't mean exactly what they say. Times, in fact, when they mean very much the opposite of what they say.
  • by Leigh Anne Dawson
    There are ways to say I love you that have nothing to do with words.

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Love Poems continued

  • by Andre Willis
    Love is a joining. In many, many ways…
  • by B. Thomas
    When words are all that remain between two people, they have to be very special ones.
  • by Twin
    Is a love too good to be true?
  • by Ashley Williams
    Love is beautiful, even when it's stubborn. Maybe especially when it's stubborn.
  • by Shawna Fernley
    There are many, many ways to say I love you…
  • by Brian Mcgowan
    There are many styles of poetry, old and new. But while words change over time, Love does not.
  • by Michael Dawson
    Could heaven still be heaven - without love?
  • by Rps
    Love can be very simple. And still be very beautiful.
  • by Kym Nach
    Does the perfect love really exist? Or is it only a dream?
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    Nothing is more satisfying than realizing you hold the key to another's heart.
  • by Brett Roberts
    The people we love change us. Forever. Even when they leave, the changes remain. And so, too, do the memories.
  • by Vinny
    Beauty isn't always in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes, it's in the eyes of the beheld.
  • by Majal Tasneem
    There are many faces to Love, many ways to its beauty.
  • by Frogeeeee
    Love has a way of turning even a rainy day into a day filled with sunshine and rainbows.
  • by Annie
    Love rarely follows rules, especially when those rules have been set by the analytical, play-it-safe mind.
  • by Sadia Khan
    Dreams and Love have a lot in common. They are both a focus for our deepest wishes…
  • by Brian Samarripa
    Love At First Sight can sometimes become Bewilderment At First Sight.
  • by Tracey Stroud
    It's important to know what you're looking for in that special someone - else how will you know when you find it?
  • by Bishop
    Random thoughts about love are rarely random. And sometimes, very beautiful.
  • by Paulus
    Simple things can often lead to happiness. And to good poetry.
  • by Frogeeeee
    Love takes many guises - all with a beauty of their own.
  • by Christy Street
    A husband is not a single role, but many…
  • by Ludie
    They say there's someone out there, somewhere, for everyone. Kind of makes you wonder…
  • by Veronica Ann Cech
    Sometimes, just being together can be the greatest gift of all.
  • by Puzzle Piece
    There is no such thing as "too much love." But, when people are separated by distant miles, there sure can be too little.
  • by Geri Mooren
    Do you have a "special phrase," shared only with a special someone you love? Sometimes, it can have more meaning than you might think.
  • by Pastel Cowgirl
    This lovely poem explores a very simple, eloquent Truth - making Love last takes work, but that doesn't mean it should be a struggle.
  • by Veronica Ann Cech
    Powerful emotions can be difficult to describe - even for a poet.
  • by Ralph Watley
    This poem is very short, very beautiful - and very, very True.
  • by Geri Mooren
    Sometimes, fairly tales really do come true…
  • by Pastel Cowgirl
    Love is sometimes "all in the timing." Two people must want and need the same things in life, at the same time, to be together.
  • by Pastel Cowgirl
    Love is GRAND! This poet is enjoying it to its fullest... because life is too short to do anything but!!
  • by Ken Love
    We all fantasize about love and that "someone" special. Sometimes fantasies really do come true...
  • by Krista-Lynn Maybee
    A Dream... is a Fantasy... is a Desire... is a Reality... or are they all really one and the same??
  • by Chris Yandle
    Love. How do we describe it in words? Perhaps we can't. Perhaps we just need to feel it…
  • by Seashell
    Sometimes it seems that being apart from someone we dearly love makes us appreciate them more than ever...
  • by Versewritr
    We don't always know just what we need, but if we're lucky, we recognize it when it magically appears.
  • by Angel
    Wouldn't life be simpler if we could predict that special time when "the right one" comes along? When we're already involved, however, it certainly can get complicated…
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