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This poem was so sad. I loved it because it is truth on paper. It is hard to get those feelings out and it sounded beautiful
EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT poem, It made me cry because it spoke the exact words that my heart trys to say, everytime I look into my fiances eyes... I really enjoyed reading it!
This is one of the best poems I have ever read, it really touched me, because everything you said in it is so true. Thank you, that made my day.
This poem was not very complicated, but it really touched me when I read it, because it is straight from the heart. It reminded me of why love is worth sacrificing anything for. The author did an excellent job.
When I read this poem I had to send it to my boyfriend.
I really enjoyed this poem. I had to read it over and over again because it just touch a part of me. Very well written.
Thank you for putting into words what I feel.

Love Poems (101-125)

  • by Kayla
    Is love a feeling? Or can it sometimes be a vision, too?
  • by Alien8
    Like a small flower, love may bloom - but never have the chance to grow.
  • by Paige Blunt
    While love is seldom perfect, sometimes it seems that way. And maybe perception really is reality.
  • by John Powers
    Things always change, but, if we look hard enough, we can find that some things do last forever.
  • by Simon McNamara
    Is the end ever really the end?
  • by Laks
    Missing someone leaves little room for anything but fervent wishes.
  • by Jordan Lake
    Some find the one they love in very unlikely places.
  • by Jaisyl
    Sometimes the greatest impediment to love isn't hate or even apathy. Sometimes it's indecision.
  • by Someone
    The birth of Love depends on very little.
  • by Erin Sheets
    Is longing a feeling? Or, perhaps, a memory?
  • by Brian Hickman
    We all know love is many things, but this poem may yet hold a few surprises.
  • by David Davis
    We dream while we sleep. And sometimes, when others do, too.

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Love Poems continued

  • by Keukpasangel
    Few people can really control their thoughts. Some don't want to even try.
  • by Mary Boggs Garcia
    There is life among the trees. And more, if we but look.
  • by Chole
    The first steps on the road to Love are often uncertain ones.
  • by Dan Martos
    Is love a part of reality? Or does it simply exist within our minds?
  • by Petal
    It takes two to conceive a child. It should always take two to give birth, as well.
  • by Nicholas Alexander
    Dance - like poetry - can be an expression of love.
  • by Jillian Bee
    We all know what a kiss is, right? Or do we? This talented poet shows us much that we might not have seen.
  • by Titus Kuweruza
    Do you remember the first moment you knew you were in love? Do you remember what you saw?
  • by Marie McPoil
    A father's promise may take time, time to grow up, but such a promise must be kept.
  • by Hope
    Art, Life, and Love - have a lot in common. As this talented poet shows us.
  • by Pastel Cowgirl
    Empathy, the ability to feel another's emotions, is an important part of Love. And, at times, a painful one.
  • by Katz Burton
    Love is beautiful at every age. But there's something special about remembering young love.
  • by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
    Mix the exotic with youth, throw in a dash of love, and the result is a memory destined to last a lifetime.
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