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This is absolutely beautiful! It says exactly how I am feeling right now. Thanks for the great read.
I really like your poem. When you put your feelings on paper, it's remarkable about how others could be feeling the same. I printed your poem. I hope you don't mind.
So beautiful, brought me to tears. A beautiful poem of longing and waiting for her.
Beautiful. "But no matter how far your soulmate is, You are close and together in the heart;" Truer words were never spoken.
Wonderful. Just what I needed to read at just the right moment. The truth is here in this poem.
This poem meant so much to me when my boyfriend sent it to me. It explained how we feel towards each other a lot better then just saying "I Love You". It means so much more. Thank You for a great poem.
I really love your poem. It is perfect for the situation I am in. Thank you so much for writing what so many of us feel, but don't have the talent to say.

Love Poems (51-75)

  • by Karin Schaefer
    While everyone is different, Love is about sharing those differences.
  • by Red
    This enchanting poem weaves words around two great beauties and one fervent hope.
  • by Lheiyrah
    It's easy to say, "I trust you." Yea, but how far does trust extend?
  • by Tazita
    Love has a very sneaky way of find us when we least expect it.
  • by Lisa Marie
    Love can coexist with many other emotions. But it doesn't mix well with Confusion.
  • by Jennifer Stangel
    A true passion that burns within your soul is one that can never be put out.
  • by Zach Toelke
    When separated by distance and time, two hearts can ride a roller coaster of being together - then apart.
  • by Karin Schaefer
    Love can give direction to purpose to Life. And, perhaps, meaning as well.
  • by Sandi Vander Sluis
    Every relationship is a mixture of good and bad times. Which we remember largely defines how we see our love.
  • by Kathleen Sheppard
    Trust, like love, is not a conscious decision we make. It must be born, and grow, within the human heart.
  • by C Mahon
    Even when love seem far away, and longing is a constant companion, there is always hope. For tomorrow.
  • by Karin Schaefer
    If Love is an instinctive need and desire, then why does it take us so long to learn to do it well?

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Love Poems continued

  • by The Drewid
    Only another writer could sympathize with the compulsion described in this delightful poem.
  • by Jaimie D. Travis
    Music and love have much in common, and it's not at all unusual to find they overlap.
  • by Seashell
    Sometimes, the only thing better than a beginning - is a new beginning.
  • by Kelleah
    It's difficult enough to see within our own heart. How, then, can we hope see within another's?
  • by Thomas
    The time for love is anytime - any year, any day or any second. Time itself is time for lovers.
  • by Seashell
    The words "I love you" can be spoken in many, often silent, ways.
  • by Peggy Smith
    Love, like so much in life, takes time. It's so common, if fact, we have a special word for it. We call in longing.
  • by Glenda McGarity
    One can cite statistics, and quote all the long odds, but the fact remains - some do beat those odds.
  • by Wulfgar
    There are instances in life when Love is circumscribed within the boundaries of a single moment - any yet, lives forever.
  • by Peggy Smith
    There is, perhaps, no pain or loss so great it cannot be healed by the magic power of love.
  • by Dale Whipple
    There is magic in Love, a magic that can transcend mere Earthly problems and reach to very gates of Heaven.
  • by Rosalie Rodriguez
    An old poem for an old love becomes a new poem. For a renewed love?
  • by Katy Schepis
    Giving a rose to someone is a tradition as old as poetry, and for some perhaps as meaningful.
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