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I thought I'd never find a poem to express what I wanted to say until I ran across this one. Love it, will be perfect for Valentines!
I thougt it was superb! It sounded as if it was a mended relationship. The words just flowed together
I have to say that you did a wonderful job on this poem. Too many times I have been in a situation that you have described. I think that everyone has had a moment where they wanted to know, but didn't. Thank you for speaking the truth!
This poem was so beautiful, it made me think of the love of my life and our relationship that we have. Thank you so much for this poem.
I wanted something for our wedding that just summed up what myself and my fiance were all about and reflected out love and lives. I cried when I read this poem and loved it because it says it all in a way that touched both of us so much and felt like it had been written just for us .
I just wanted to tell you guys that this poem is so beautiful. You got 100%
I really like this poem i think it realates to a lot of real life people who sometimes fall in love but aren't seen

Love Poems (526-550)

  • by Malcolm Coleman
    Asking to be trusted is as fruitless as asking to be loved. What do you do when the one you love doesn't trust?
  • by Wendy Croft
    In Love, as in all things, timing is paramount. This is a story about bad timing…
  • by Lex
    In which we "sing" (quite literally) of memories of love.
  • by Lex
    The road to Love is curved, bumpy, and filled with unexpected barriers. This song of Love speaks of a few…
  • by Agnes Nogal
    The right love carries with it many surprises…
  • by Mrs. Poetry
    Take a trip into a person's heart, where sincere words struggle to emerge.
  • by Agnes Nogal
    There are many kinds of love. But there is only one kind of forever.
  • by LaTiefa Alston
    This is a touching poem of a romance that could not survive the "forever" of fairy tales, but nonetheless refuses to die.
  • by Mia
    What would the Perfect Love be like?
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    Too few people write of the tender beginnings of a long love affair. Is it because not many begun in childhood, last? Well, here's one that did!
  • by Jeremy Redinger
    When words otherwise fail us, sometimes the simplest thing to do is say, "I love you."
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    To marry someone with whom you share a common passion, must be one of life's greatest treasures. I was blessed with such a gift.

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Love Poems continued

  • by Brier
    There are some people we love and can never forget. Even if, perhaps, we should…
  • by Michael Anderson
    This isn't really a love poem. Or is it? Love, after all, can mean different things to different, uh, people…
  • by Angel Towe
    A Love Poem doesn't always need to be somber and serious. Sometimes, cute and serious work just as well.
  • by Angel Towe
    Love is all about giving, and this poem expresses that in a very simple, compelling way.
  • by Michael Anderson
    A young adolescent approaches a girl he barely knows. And the words he finds, to express hidden feelings, brings sweet rewards.
  • by Jessica
    Can a color really describe, so beautifully, how someone feels when they are with the one they love? You be the judge.
  • by Maria Byrne
    Does Love flow and follow the seasons, ever-changing, ever unpredictable and new? How could it not?
  • by Michael Hopkins
    If absence makes the heart grow fonder, it can also play very strange tricks on the mind.
  • by The Unknown Poet
    When you love someone dearly, you want to be with them. Sometimes, you can't.
  • by Michael Anderson
    This is one of those rare poems that crosses boundaries. It's a love poem, about love, with some deep insights into love. But it's also a sad poem, because as too often happens, those insights came too late.
  • by Jennifer Wooters
    A confused love is the worst of all loves.
  • by Jeremy Redinger
    Falling in love, especially when you're young and shy, can bring unexpected fears.
  • by Stanley Naber
    Is love like a red, red rose (as some famous poets contend)? Maybe. Maybe not…
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