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A Few Visitor Comments

This was exactly what I wanted to say to my husband! I could have never written such a beautiful poem as this! Keep writing!
This poem really made me think about everyday life and what love means to me.
The main reason why I enjoyed this poem so much is because it speaks the truth about love. Not everyone can tell you what love does or give you their own definition of love, that is unless one has experienced love. This poem speaks to my situation, we both have a similar idea of what love does, and it is so true. I write poems myself, so I know the true when I read, and I recognize a good thing when I see it. Good job and keep writing about love.
I think that love is basic, and that is why it is so beautiful, and that is what you wrote and that is beautiful
I hardly ever (in fact never) give good poems praise, but this one is better than good. I prefer poems that rhyme to poems that dont and the writer has orchestrated the lyrics in this poem beautifully. I love this poem and i think it deserves more recognition.
I thought this poem was just wonderful, so much that it brought a tear to my eye. I am not very good with words so I find these poems amazing!
I really enjoyed this charming little poem. It is so full of the gentle beauty that this life so freely gives that even loneliness is unable to defeat the hope of better things yet to come. May that wish made on the first star come to fruition.

Love Poems (501-525)

  • by Wendy LaTulippe
    After reading this clever poem, I promise you will never, ever think of water in quite the same way.
  • by Nancy Ness
    The lyrical poem holds one of the great Truths of Love. Every couple should post this where they'll see it every day.
  • by }X{Angel}X{
    The ocean has a lot in common with Love, and this talented poet evokes haunting imagery to show us why.
  • by Marcela
    If vivid, unique imagery is a source of power in poetry, then this poem of Love Found might well be used to light whole cities. Or, at least, a heart or two.
  • by Nancy Ness
    On first read, this beautifully crafted poem is about Trust. But read more closely, for as with many things in art, there are deeper levels awaiting after the first.
  • by Poet deVine
    Only an artist like our PoetDeVine could take a tired cliché, Love at first sight, and turn it into a sensual poetic delight.
  • by Jason Silverthorne
    If you'd like to tell someone they're beautiful, you'll find no more inspiring words than these.
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    Finding someone to love can be the most exciting time in a person's life. But re-finding someone, when you thought them lost, can be even more so.
  • by Zarre
    Is there any greater fear than telling someone new that you've fallen in love with them?
  • by Jason Silverthorne
    Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say. But seldom has it been said quite as beautifully as this.
  • by Beth Hammontree
    Take away the three most important words in any language, and what is left. Maybe quite a bit…
  • by Artemis
    Falling in love with an ideal stranger is neither difficult nor unusual.

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Love Poems continued

  • by Poet deVine
    This lovely and insightful poems on Trust was written as a Special Request from one of our visitors.
  • by Chris Schultz
    The lovely poem is about the way that finding the right person can not only change our life, but can even change who we are.
  • by Carrie Abbott
    We often talk about what we know and what we want, but sometimes admitting what we don't know can communicate far more.
  • by Michael Anderson
    Every person and every love is unique, and there can never be a single poem that expresses all that can be said for each of us. But this one comes very, very close…
  • by Erin Elizabeth
    Love is often about being different. And loving those differences deeply.
  • by Chantale
    Only a poem could so effectively describe what that "special" someone means…
  • by Nancy Ness
    To love one another from afar is to engrave each other's essence within our hearts.
  • by Sofea
    One poet takes the time - and words - to say Thank You.
  • by Malcolm Coleman
    "Did I do something wrong?" How many times have each of asked, or wanted to ask, that bewildered question? How many times has our only answer been terrible silence?
  • by Maria Byrne
    Change is almost always difficult, and sometimes even when we seek it -- still we fear it.
  • by Malcolm Coleman
    When two people are separated by vast distances, sometimes the only thing they have left are their dreams.
  • by Malcolm Coleman
    Why? is a question frequently asked by little children and young lovers.
  • by Wendy Croft
    Sometimes the very structure of a poem can be its real message…
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