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I loved this poem. I couldn't find a better poem about how I'm feeling about my boyfriend. He's been gone for about two months and I can't wait for him to get home. Thank you for writing such an amazing poem.
Have been looking for a specific poem to describe how I feel about my boyfriend having to move away for 2. 5 years. I found this poem and it is perfect. So good to know others are experiencing the same pain - this poem describes this so well. God it hurts, but I know we can get through this. I love you sexy, and always will. Counting down the days to our next visit xxx
I love this poem. it reminds me so much of me and my fiancee. I mean it's hard being away from him because he's in the military and I miss him way too much. But soon we'll be together and I'll get to hold him in my arms. I love you, baby.
I just have to say that that was a very touching and wonderful poem. :)
SO full of emotion! And every word fits to a t!
This is the most expressive and beautiful poem from the heart of someone that knows real love. Thank you for giving me a way to express my love to my husband. Awesome poem.
I Love it. It's so great because it shows exactly how I feel toward this girl that I love. There are a lot of people out there that write like that, but there aren't many who write from the heart and exactly like that. That's Why (Passions) is the greatest. Keep Up the Good Work.

Love Poems (476-500)

  • by Jennifer Boyd
    This is a truly delightful poem about being so in love, any absence becomes unbearable.
  • by Linda Christensen
    This lovely poem explores a rather remarkable and insightful link between two of Life's greatest treasures.
  • by Jason Love
    Life can sometimes be defined by Love, making the present a joy and the future an anticipation.
  • by Taylor Hamilton
    Love can not only change our life, but it can even change the very way we look at Life.
  • by Jessica Stamps
    There are many ways to look at two people in love. This poem presents a beautifully different view…
  • by Little One
    We see with our eyes, but a poet in Love can also see through the eyes. And, yes, there is a difference.
  • by Diane Blue
    The author suggested putting this in the Sad category, and she was probably right. But it was such a beautiful, well-crafted interpretation of Love, I had to include it here instead.
  • by Chris Jourdan
    This poem is a simple declaration of love, made beautiful by its sincerity.
  • by Starr Summers
    Is this the best poem in the Universe? Well, one man thought so…
  • by Orpheus
    This poems explores an interesting question: if soul mates are eternal, what happens during those lifetimes they spend apart?
  • by Jason Silverthorne
    If you listen closely to the rhythm of this poem, you might recognize it - as the living syncopation of unchecked passion.
  • by Poet deVine
    Truth is more than just a matter of vision. It encompasses all the senses. And, sometimes, more than mere senses.

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Love Poems continued

  • by Malcolm Coleman
    When we're in Love, the whole world can become a mirror, reflecting our immense joy.
  • by Christa Prinz
    A shooting star lasts but a heart beat in time. Can the wishes it bring fare better?
  • by T.J.H.
    When Love is new and fresh, just the sight of that special person can make us act, well, just a little crazy.
  • by Rosemary J. Gwaltney
    Few things in life can be as intense as Love. And few things can sometimes be as frightening.
  • by Angel
    A metaphor, that unspoken comparison, can be a powerful poetic tool. As this poem so aptly demonstrates.
  • by Matt Campbell
    This whimsical fantasy of future Love reveals a hidden part of each of us.
  • by Jason Silverthorne
    With the company of the right person, a simple evening can turn into a very magical event.
  • by Pastel Cowgirl
    Fear and Love walk hand-in-hand, ever teetering in a precarious balance. The inevitable Fear leads to hard questions and choices. And it's up to us, as individuals, to find the answers in Love.
  • by Chris
    With appropriate apologies to William, this delightful poem takes an unusual look at the art form known as Love.
  • by Bobby A .Choudhury
    Being in love with the right person can sometimes translate to love for the whole world.
  • by Maria Byrne
    Even when we know we're loved, a little reassurance never hurts.
  • by Lex
    Relationships in life often seem to run in circles. Love. Pain. Love. Pain. And, for those who are lucky, a final concluding Love.
  • by Colin Ramage
    Hidden behind these words is a beautiful story of Love found. Sometimes, dreams really do come true…
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