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A very touching poem. It's excellent. Keep the good job and you'll inspire more people to love and to trust.
I love it! It's so moving. I can actually feel each word as you express them so easily.
It really did touch my heart and soul the same way my husband did on our special day. It was a very lovely poem
This poem is so sweet. It shows that what is on the inside matters the most.
I love this poem I sent to my boyfriend for Valentine's Day.
This is a wonderful poem it actually says word by word how I feel about my soulmate.
I loved this poem, it tells a lot about how people feel in their love life. Most people can't say what they are feeling and this does it perectly!

Love Poems (26-50)

  • by Sven
    Love has a way of making Dreamers of us all.
  • by Lonely Shadow
    The first touch of Love is often the most powerful force we'll ever feel.
  • by Dan McDonald
    Never give up hope, Your Angel may be right around the corner.
  • by Kevin Kunnen
    Alone at night, even the mundane can come to symbolize our loneliness.
  • by Kristi Lynn
    There are many things that cease to have meaning when Love enters the door. Time may well be one of them.
  • by James Haley
    Flowers send us messages, each one its own with varied meanings.
  • by Ruth Kephart
    We can't always take away our lover's tears. But we can try.
  • by Millette Addison
    How tall is big? How wide is huge? And, of course, how deep is Love?
  • by Nicole Boyd
    What of love in dreams? Sometimes it seems that our dreams are more fantastic than reality.
  • by Millette Addison
    Sometimes the greatest love of our life may die, but their love lives on with us forever.
  • by Paul Hoekman
    Within every ocean there exists an island where we can discover the meaning of our life.
  • by Christopher
    Poets always seek for new and beautiful ways to say those three special words. Some get downright clever about it.

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Love Poems continued

  • by Marge Tindal
    Love is often buffeted about by the winds of life. But finding our true course is simply a matter of changing direction.
  • by Carl Rimmer
    Some say there is nothing in this physical world that is perfect. But that doesn't stop others from searching.
  • by Melvin Lee
    Love is not a single emotion, but a multitude of feelings. All of them quite wonderful.
  • by Christopher
    What we seek from a relationship is very often the very things we most yearn to give.
  • by Elizabeth
    Sometimes, dreams can keep two people together even when they're apart
  • by Alwye
    Tender dreams filled with longing are sometimes the only way we can reach the one we love.
  • by Sherri Anderson
    Love is many things, at many different times. All of them beautiful beyond measure.
  • by Bernard Kennedy
    This lovely poem commemorates love and the inevitable longing it brings.
  • by Nicole Choiniere
    Does love exist as a reflection? Perhaps what we see in Love, and derive from Love, is the commonality within each of our hearts.
  • by Lheiyrah
    There are images to love that can only be seen in dreams. And, too, in poetry.
  • by Ally
    A kiss is only a kiss. Except, perhaps, when it's also a question.
  • by Thomas
    Love, when it comes, always seems to be a surprise.
  • by Kat
    When in love, it often seems to permeate our entire life.
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