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This poem was read to me by my boyfriend before he proposed, he said that it's a beautiful poem and deserves to be published, and he is right!
The poem was really good I sent this poem to my Fiance. Thank you for coming up with such a great poem.
Simply i love it, it's a very good way to let the other person(beloved) feel how he/she special to our heart from the first till the end.
Wow! I really feel your poem. Me and my boyfriend were having some problems with him not trusting me, so I'm going to send it to him. I think it might help. You are a wonderful and inspirational writer.
I thought it was awsome. I can relate to the type of relationship and this is why it touched my heart so deeply. Very well written.
I am still loving this poem after two years. It is the best poem I have read and have not found another one to beat it.
This poem reminds me of a very passionate affair I once had. Even though it's over, the fire still burns inside for the women who filled me with passion, emotionally and physically.

Love Poems (451-475)

  • by Angela K. Dyson
    The definition of frustration: Loving someone too blind to see your love.
  • by Julie Jordan Scott
    You can wrap it in ribbon or gild it in gold, but in the end there is really only one gift you can give to another.
  • by Ted Reynolds
    When you miss someone, you want them to know…
  • by Malcolm Coleman
    We all have insecurities, and only time and faithful love and completely erase them. But sometimes, in the beginning, a few words can help…
  • by Julie Jordan Scott
    Love is more than an emotion. It is an obsession, a compulsion, a force that can rule our very lives.
  • by Julie Jordan Scott
    When circumstances separate us from the one we love, life continues. But this delightful poem shows it doesn't always continue in a vacuum…
  • by Jessica
    Sages proclaim that Opposites attract, but they never quite get around to telling us why…
  • by Kevin Rose
    The obstacles of love are many, as are the frustrations of facing those obstacles. This poem is about one such obstacle, but it's also about something else: Determination.
  • by Lauriel Mariondatter
    This is a very beautiful and moving poem about a very simple act of love. Read this, and a kiss will never be the same for you…
  • by Teacake
    Love isn't always easy to find…
  • by Abu ben Basho
    Another's eyes can sometimes be a reflection of our own world. Especially when that other is someone we secretly, hesitantly love.
  • by Carrie Sue
    There are many reasons to love. But, in the end, they all boil down to just one reason…

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Love Poems continued

  • by Jagman
    The moon has long been associated with love, though this poem gives a different twist to that lovely metaphor.
  • by Sidney Frances
    The next time you walk through a beautiful garden, and perhaps feel inclined to pluck a bloom, I suspect you'll think of this poem and smile…
  • by Janis Jensen
    The pain of a broken heart leaves scars, which can all too easily become locked doors, shutting us off from the world around us. Until we find someone with the right key…
  • by Edilberto González-Trejos
    Being in love can be wonderful, but the uncertainty of an unspoken love can also be very frightening.
  • by Katy
    This short poems speaks of the warmth found within human relationship.
  • by James Buscemi
    This is a beautifully haunting poem of a love lost, never forgotten, and found anew.
  • by Peta Wood
    When someone special leaves our life, for a long enough time, we usually manage to get over our feelings for them. But what happens when they unexpectedly return?
  • by Mindy Caldwell
    Love isn't always certain. This very lovely poem explores a love that is still searching for a destination, perhaps one not easily found.
  • by Pastel Cowgirl
    Explore, with this talented writer, the meaning of a very simple - and ultimately complex - word.
  • by Lisa Teller
    Love crosses many boundaries. Could one them even be Time?
  • by Brandon J Rodriguez
    A First Kiss in a relationship is a very special thing. Even if it's still only a fantasy…
  • by Amber Ross
    This very short, four-line verse, uses some very unusual metaphors to describe love.
  • by Tina Versetto
    This poem is a very simple, but extremely elegant and flowing declaration of Love.
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