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This piece was written 12/96 as a wedding gift to friends. Since then, it has been given as wedding and anniversary gifts over the years. Not so much the authors viewpoint; as it is the summation of the values one should aspire to when in love. Or perhaps just another poet's lament?

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Excellent! I loved it!
itis was good, i have been hardship for my marriage and it was awesome poem
This poem really touched me and is the truth of what love and marriage really should be and is. Great job on writing this poem! I LOVED IT!
thats so true i related to this one deeply it made me tear, no one seemed to understand, im clad to see you do. keep it up your my guideness

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Marriage Views

First, marriage should be love
all encompassing, total, and free.
Love that grows stronger each day
soft murmurs of Thee, Thee, Thee.

Second, marriage should be sacrifice
giving of self, regardless of reward.
Gift gladly given, with open heart
shielded from life's harsh sword.

Third, marriage should be commitment
utter loyalty, deep to the bone.
Absolutely, no questions asked
faithfully promised, never alone.

Lastly, marriage should be forever
family bonded, yet all still free.
Lives joined with love, sacrifice, and commitment
an eternity promised with -
Thee, Thee, Thee

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this is a very good poem i write poems to we can read each other work sometime
Great Poem!I just got married a few months ago and that Poem(Marriage Views) is based upon our lives. (My husband lives lives in another country). It gives advises and that is what I love about it
I needed to be reminded!
awesome. sent it to my wife just now. thought it was perfect for us. thank you.
I loved the poem it was real good to me.
Very true!
the poem was beautiful! it was so nice!
awesome just beautifull
this is a wonderfull way of explaining a marraige its true romantic and makes alot of sence
I am getting married Friday, a long way from home, and not one member of my family or his there, so this reminder of what really matters in love was great!
The poem is very touching in a world today that does not take the sacrament of marriage seriously and it goes deep to the heart of what love and marriage is, a sense of recommittment to each other each day to make a marriage last. God bless you for putting something of this high quality on the Internet for so many to see and to take to heart.
Very Nice
Exactly word for word what it should be. Forever.
Loved it. it reminds me of ME! Thanks for sharing.
The poem was great i think you said every thing about marriage,
This is a very nice poem! I really appreciate its meaning.
this is the perfect poem to send to my best friend that is getting married soon. Thank you, you are a great writer and you should take this further
was looking to a way of telling how much I love him for the upcoming event, Thanks !
This poem struck a place in my heart. Very immotional. I loved it.
WONDERFUL poem, felt every word!
This is a great poem for anyone who is haveng trouble with coming up with marriage vows.

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