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Written often in rhyme, love here is now done acrostically. If you read the first letter of each line, you will see a hidden message that explains the poem!

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I loved it and it is one of the best poems ive read
echos in my past haunt me always and i wonder if in another lifetime we will be together again. through the years i remember everything.
i'm in love with it. it is the best one ever
Absolutley amazing very touching

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Depths Of My Soul

T he questions of this day,
H earken to the unknown
E asily asked, yet . . .

D are I answer?

E ver have I shied away,
P iously avoiding
T ruth.

H iding, from myself

S ome are born to bear burdens
O thers, are forced to
F ear . . .
M atters of the mind

Y et ever do we . . .
S eek,
O nly to find no answers,
U nder the bridges of our minds

L ife's dealt its blows
W inning with my grief
I ncomparable though, to the pain of . . .
L ove.

L ove.
B arely a word, yet . . .
E ver does it echo the
R eality of a true heart

E ver gripped by my mind,
A ccosted by demons, yet . . .
L ove, beckoned.
I rresistibly.

S tepping tentatively,
E ver the cynic
D aring the whirlwind,
O f her intensity

N ever, in nine
L ifetimes, could I have known, a
Y earning, so powerfully compelling,
W ithout even a touch.

H ow can this be?
E ven as I ask, I . . .
N otice,
I don't even care

A s was fated though,
M y heart was captured,
F ires were cooled,
I ce was broken.

N ow I have no fear.

A s always,
L ove does not kill demons,
L ove only soothes them
Y es, they are calm,
W ell, calmer.
I fear though,
T hey will never be silenced.

H er heart is strong though,
M ine as well.

Y et apart, I am only a part.

S oon however,
T ogether,
A lways,
R ealizing . . . wholeness, the true depths of my soul.

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this poem is prefect for me and my love one
I love it. It speaks volumes - and puts into words everything I am feeling.
Beautiful and a clever presentation! You are very talented
Clever use and excellent choice of words.Bravo!!!
This poem is the most beautiful thing iv`e ever read in my life. If all of mankind were this kind and loving the world would be a much better place.
I think your words came together with perfect clarity.
This is one of the loveliest poems that I have ever come across in mt entire life. It's awesome.

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