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I wrote this poem for my boyfriend, Nate, and Pray that he feels the same way about me. I haven't known him very long, but this poem describes our relationship already.

We may have known each other for just a short time, but it feels like we've been together forever.

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i love this poem this is exactlywhat i want to give to my bf
i read one of ur lovely poem . then as if it fits me as of my boyfriend. i met this guy last yrs. until now our relation keep in going strong. we sent each other a card everyday . ur love poem always keep in touch of us. more power . thanks
that was a good poem the best i have read so far
i loved this poem it was so touching to me.

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I've known you for only
a short period of time,
but I feel as if
I've known you forever.

I tremble with joy
at your every touch.
The feel of your hand taking mine -
I want you to hold it forever.

I glow with happiness
every time you're near.
I want you near me now,
I want to be with you forever.

My knees grow weak
in your loving arms.
I want to stay there,
I want you to hold me forever.

My body melts
with every kiss you give.
Just the thought of your lips on mine -
I want you to kiss me forever.

My heart jumps
to know how much you care.
Knowing that it is so much more -
I want you to love me forever.

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i like this poem because it is true because i have said this to my new boyfreind and he says the same i have sent this to him
that is awesome
your poems is really good
the best poem i heard so far. i love it
dam i wish that i can have sumthing like that but. i understand wat u are goin throw look i am 15 and everyone is like puppy love. but there is one boy that did all of that and i loved it. but then we broke up and i cry 2 sleep every nit. he mad me feel so good that i hate love i dont want it but only from him but i know that i am not goin 2 get that and that makes me hate my self and love.
this is how me and my boyfriend feel i love this poem keep up the good writing
This is such a great poem i love it and i'm gonna send it 2 my boyfriend it sounds so tru the exact feelings i have about him r all described in this poem! it was great! Xxxxxxxx
This poem really touched my heart. And you know something I feel the same way about someone and I am going to send this to my special someone. This is a very nice poem that I think will touch everyones heart now and forever.
i like this poem as well, my boyfriends name is also nate, short for nathaniel, and i love him with all my heart. this poem describes how feel in a better way then i can or could explain! thanx
i think this is a really good poem. it touched my heart.
This poem really touch me because i have going out with my boyfriend for 2 years and yet i don't think i really know him but we promise to be together forever and ever.
THis poem is just like my boyfriends and i love
This poem expresses another way to tell the one you love the way you feel about them. I have been searching for another way to tell him that i love him besides the same old i love u. This poem did just that for me thank u. P. S your an awsome poet keep writing
This poem was shown to me by someone i care deeply about, this poem encaptures the current stage of our relationship. it was special to me because i realised im not rushing things, its normal to feel so early on that this is definately the right choice.
This poem is so true b/c me and my boyfriend have like ever for ever and did not know that we were in front of each other the whole time thank you for opening my eyes. Angie Gregory
that was so sweet i might tell my ex bf that but dou have any poems that can get me and him back to get here
This poem really describes how I feel right now. There is someone I care for very much and it's nice to know that somebody can put those feelings down on paper.
I remember when I first read your poem, back about two years ago. Ever since,I kept referring to this poem, almost as an inspriation for me to write. I probably said this way back then, but I must say it again, thank you for writing this. I truly enjoyed the writing style, and the message. All around, it was perfect.
:] this poem makes me smile a lot for some reason. i have a friend. well actually hes my best friend. but he only comes where ilive for 2 monthes out of the whole year. he lives in puerto rico for the rest. i live in california. yeah big difference. haha. anyways when i read this poem he is the only person i can think about. and i love it
hey you've wrote a very beautiful poem. Every word touched my heart because i love my boyfriend with all my heart and soul. He is my happiness and he is my sadness. well done!
your pome is so true if i could rate this pome it would be 100% thats how true it is. thank you alicia seaward
i really enjoyed reading ur poem it touched my heart ur words are meaningful and powerful i wish love can be 4 ever and ever just like ur beautiful words. hope u keep writin special and precious words like these in all ur poems
I really like this poem, I hope that you and that guy is still together and I hope that everything goes okay, keep writing gr8 poems!
The love poems make me really happy. The poem Forever sounds just like the experience I'm having right know This is my first and best boyfriend I've ever had. Me + Him 4eva
this is a sweet poem couse one day i hope i find a guy that loves me like that
I have known my boyfriend forever and i feel like i am still getting to know him and this poem helped me figure that out!
This is one of the most poem I have ever read. It is so deeply discribe the situation
The poem is wonderful. The writers feelings in the poem are also the feelings that I have right now. Sometimes when you have a relationship only for a very short time you have met your boyfriend, it seems that you love that somebody so much as if you have known him for a long time, and you always wish for the day you would be together forever.
Im in love right now and this poem was aight for it! 1
I love tha poem, is't what i feel for this one person i sill love, but not with anymore. But i loved the poem Stay Up!
this poem describes me and my boyfriend well fiance now so perfectly and really touched me.
This poem fits my boyfriend Scott and me perfect I luv it I read this poem everyday now!
i think this peom is relly cute! showing feelings is hard but i guess you can show someone your feelings threw a poem.
i think that this is one of the best poems that i have heard! i hope that you continue on with your lovely poetry! I LOVED IT!
You cant imagine how much i like your poem it is unbelievable thank you alot for it , you are a great person .
This poem reminded me of my boyfriend. We hooked up on the first night I met him, I felt a real connection with him. We have been together for a month, almost, now. And I have already began to fall for him. This poem describes how I feel about him, all of it. I want to be with him forever, i want him to hold me forever, and I love the feel of his lips on mine. I love this poem, good work. Allison
Its a very nice poem, It makes me feel as my own feelings comes alive.
I Love it. simple, sincere, and heartfelt all in one.
it's really a geat one, wish I could let him read this and know how I felt.
great poem. that is a lovely poem. loooved It!
Ilike the poem it is a nice poem.
trust me. i love every words and how it's being use.
that is how i feel about my boyfriend the word that you say in the poem is how i feel about him. thats a really nice poem.
i loved ur poem it is so kool i feel the same way about my boyfriend so ya it is so kool and i think u r good at it and i shouldnt stop writing poems because u r so good . loved it
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